WLAN sensor temperature and humidity

For the measurement and control of the important physical environmental factors temperature and humidity (RH), the manufacturer Didactum developed this compact WLAN sensor.


How the WLAN sensor temperature and humidity works

This WLAN sensor temp & humidity is used where a network cabling is not possible or too expensive. The integrated temp sensor measures temperature in a range from minus 40 to plus 100 degrees Celsius. The humidity is measured in the range of 5 to 95 percent relative humidity (RH). After you have connected this WLAN temp & humidity sensor to your existing 802.11b / g / n wireless network, the measured data will be transferred via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to measurement and data collection tools, data visualization tools or Network-Management-Systems (NMS). SNMP-based SCADA systems are also supported by this combined WLAN thermo- and hygrometer.

SNMP MIB files as well as plug-ins for Nagios Monitoring Software are included.


This combined WLAN sensor has 2 dry contacts. Here you can connect magnetic door switches, glass break sensors or dry contacts of important HVAC systems. If the dry contact inputs are switched, you will be notified by SNMP Trap to your NMS (Network Managment System) or SCADA application. Beside the transmission of temperature and humidity measurement via SNMP,  this combined WLAN sensor also supports the MQTT protocol. Here, the measured temp and humidity values are transferred to the Cloud. Create reports and checklists as part of temperature and humidity monitoring with common software like MS-Excel.


This SNMP-enabled WLAN sensor is powered by an external power supply. Battery charging or a battery replacement is not necessary with this wireless WLAN temperature and humidity sensor. Fastening material in the form of a mounting tape as well as screws are also included in delivery.


WLAN temp & humidity sensor


With the new Wi-Fi sensor from manufacturer Didactum, customers get a wireless LAN solution for the real-time-based measurement of the two important environmental factors temperature and humidity (RH). This wireless sensor is supplied with an external power supply. Here is no need for replacing empty batteries or charging them.


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