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Early warning systems for identification of disastrous events

Didactum® consistently offers uncompromising remote monitoring solutions to protect your sensitive infrastructures: continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Identify with the use of SNMP-based warning systems, states or events pro-actively, before they will result to a serious problem. Today companies and public institutions have high demands on the availability of IT systems. IT has become undoubtedly an indispensable part of the value chain. Disorders of the IT resources have a direct impact on business success. Increase the availability of your infrastructures with SNMP-based remote security solutions.

Non-stop remote monitoring:

On the following pages we present you the environmental remote monitoring solutions from our partner AKCP, one of the world's leading provider of SNMP-based remote security solutions. AKCP`s sensorProbe, securityProbe and intelligent sensors are used worldwide in countless businesses and public institutions. By the use of the proven environmental monitoring appliances from AKCP, customer will receive a cost-effective, customizable SNMP-based network monitoring solution to protect critical assets againts unwanted threats. Increase the availability of your infrastructures with SNMP-based remote security solutions from our partner AKCP - this is what your company urgently needs in times of global competition. 

  • Crime: such as burglary, theft, hacking, sabotage, espionage, manipulation, misuse of resources, vandalism, terrorism ...
  • Malfunctions: such as failure of network and communication technology, failure of electrical power, air conditioning failure, failure of IT Equipment ..
  • Force Majeure: this includes disturbances by water, disturbances by fire, corrosion, gases, lightning damage, building damage, explosion ...

Do you know the serious consequences of a possible failure of your computer systems? Do you know the cost for each hour downtime in your company? What will your CEO say if he would hear on Monday morning that the server room is no longer available due to a leakage of the air conditioning system?

The team of Didactum® is happy to advise you and is looking forward to your call +49 2501 971 63 55.