Remote Monitoring Devices from Manufacturer Didactum

For many years, Didactum Ltd. is a well known provider of remote monitoring devices and SNMP-enabled sensors.

Didactum offers professional solutions to environmental, safety and current monitoring of mission-critical infrastructure such as production, logistics, telecom, server room and data center.

Didactum has had many projects at home and abroad providing the core competencies in IT infrastructure monitoring and network management. This hard work, dedication and experience have led to many success stories with large customer projects.

Didactum`s profound know-how in remote infrastructure and surveillance systems is used to develop its own product line under the high quality and dependable brand name Didactum®. We at Didactum® always listen to our customers’ requests and suggestions which are used in developing the Didactum monitoring products and solutions.

Highlights of Didactum`s remote monitoring devices

Didactum`s network enabled remote monitoring devices are called Monitoring Appliances, as a ideal combination of hardware and software. As an alarm system for the 24/7/365 Monitoring of business-critical areas and equipment developed, Didactum`s remote monitoring systems have no CPU- or case fan and no HDD or SSD hard drives.

Didactum`s 500/500-DC/600/700 remote monitoring devices are equipped with an internal power supply and backup power supply to meet the high demands of data center operators and ISP`s.

To improve the capacity of the data logger the 500/500-DC/600/700 models can be equipped with  up to 64GB SD cards.

The sensor data can be exported as a CSV or XML file, for example within the temperature monitoring.

Features of Didactum Monitoring System 500:

  • Integrated lighttpd web server with support for HTTPS (SSL), DHCP, SMTP,
  • SNMP v1 / v2c / v3, FTP, CAN, Syslog, LDAP and Radius
  • Multilingual Web GUI (HTML5-based), integrated Watchdog Timer with NTP synchronization
  • 8 sensor ports for connecting individually selectable Didactum sensors
  • Wide range of SNMP-enabled sensors for remote environmental, safety and current monitoring
  • 2 CAN bus ports (Control Area Network) for CAN expansion units and CAN sensors connect up to 125 Sensors with Didactum sensor expansion devices
  • optional dry contact board or dry contact expansion units for network integration of dry contacts
  • optional quad-band GSM modem for sending SMS notifications and alarms
  • Integrated relays connections with actuator functions (alerts to Building services or connection of fans, pumps, etc.)
  • compatible to a wide range of SNMP tools (including RRDtool, Cacti, MRTG) or Network Management Systems (including HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, OpenNMS, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix). MIB Files and Nagios Plugins included
  • notifications and alarms types such as Email, SMS (via 3G/4G GSM modem) and SNMP traps
  • integrated visualization of measured values directly in web fronted, XML and CSV export of the measurement recording
  • free Didactum Application Manager for centralized management of all Didactum remote monitoring devices
  • multilingual telephone hotline / free firmware updates

Sources for Didactum Remote Monitoring Devices and Networked Sensors

The IT monitoring systems of the brand Didactum you can at an authorized dealer or buy directly in the online shop under