Flash Signal Light

This low-cost flash signal light is used for optical notifications and is compatible with all networked remote environmental and security monitoring units.


How the Flash Signal Light works

Didactum`s flash signal light is manufactured in the EU. In business-critical infrastructure, such as computer / technical / server room, data center, production or logistics, sudden faults, operating faults and also critical physical state changes (over-temperature, water leakage, smoldering / fire) can be optically signaled with the support of this proven Flash Signal Light. Particularly in noisy environments with a high noise level (e.g. data center or production), an acoustic alarm can be often not perceived by the employees. This optical warning light from Didactum provides an open alarm with the help of built-in LED flash lights. The mounting of this flash signal light is simple. The 5 meter long connection cable of the signal flash light is simply connected to one of the two12V outputs of the IP-based remote room monitoring system. An additional voltage supply is not required since the flash light is supplied with current from the main monitoring unit.


If desired, you can even extend the connection cable with 2-core cables and, for example, mount the warning light in the center of the computer or server room. A double-sided mounting tape, screws and dowels are included. In the mulilingual web interface of the network-enabled remote infrastructure monitoring device, you can also switch the signal light on or off manually. Every Didactum room monitoring system has built-in logics for convenient creation of automatic actions for switching the connected flash signal light. With a few mouse clicks you can create individual rules and alarms, such as the automatic start of the flash warning light when the magnetic door contact sensor is triggered. If the IP-capable smoke detector detect smoke or fire in the server room, an optical alarm can be output by flash signal light.


Even a critical room temperature, starting dew point formation or excessive humidity (condensation / static discharge) can be signaled to the operator, visually clearly visible, with the help of Didactum`s bright flashing warning light. Because each Didactum remote environmental and security monitoring device is fully SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 compatible, this flash signal warning light can also be switched via a common SNMP command.


Flash Signal Light


Critical conditions that can cause severe damage to your computing and communication infrastructures must be identified as early as possible and reported to the appropriate employees immediately. For example, a hotspot or high temperature within your critical network or server cabinet requires immediate action. Excessive heat in your server racks can lead to potential hardware failures and downtime causing disastrous effects on the availability of your installed network and server technologies in place.


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