Motion Detector Sensor

Business critical infrastructure such as data center, server room, research and development, warehouse, archive, logistics etc. should be protected against unauthorized access.


How the Motion Detector Sensor works

Motion Detector Sensor has been specially developed for reliable detection of presence and movement. The motion detector, equipped with a precise infrared sensor, can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The RJ-11 patch cable connects this motion detector to the IP-based remote monitoring device. This IP-capable infrared motion detector is equipped with an SNMP OID and will be automatically displayed in the web interface of your monitoring unit. Access your remote monitoring device via your web browser and configure this motion detector. Since the power supply of the infrared motion detector is provided by remote monitoring unit, no additional power supply is required. You do not have to change or charge batteries.


Every IP-network based remote monitoring device can report access to sensitive rooms and installations via e-mail and / or SMS text messages (* via GSM modem or e-mail to SMS gateway). By means of actuator function, the optional alarm siren with integrated flash light can also be switched on. If movement or presence is detected, your security personnel will be audiovisually alerted. As all of Didactum`s remote security monitoring units are SNMPv1 / v2c / v3 compliant, notifications and alerts can also be sent in form of SNMP-traps to SCADA solutions, DCIM software, and Network-Management-Software (including HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, Nagios, check_MK, Icinga, PRTG, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix, etc.). With the aid of the IP-capable motion detector sensor and the associated Didactum monitoring unit, unattended remote sites can be reliable monitored.


Motion Detector Sensor


Addressable sensor lets you remotely monitor movement in any location in the data center from internet


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