Water Leak Cable Sensor

Simply connect the Didactum water alarm cable to this sensor. The sensor is then simply connected to Didactum's Ethernet monitoring system via the RJ 11 patch cable.

Functioning of the sensor for the water detection chain

This sensor is automatically detected by auto-identification. Then you define in the logic of the Ethernet monitoring system how the notification and alarm in case of leakage / water leakage is to be carried out. Water damage can be reported by e-mail, SMS (via GSM modem or 3rd party gateway) and also in the form of SNMP traps to DCIM software solutions and network management software (including Nagios, Icinga, check_MK, HP OpenView, OpenNMS, PRTG etc.). A status query of this SNMP OID equipped sensor via SNMP command is also supported.


Water Leak Cable Sensor


The availability of mission-critical facilities and sites may be affected by water leakage. A leak in the technology or server room can lead to an electrical short circuit. An accident caused by pipe breaks or storms, can even flood important rooms in no time. The sensor water chain will be connected with the associated Didactum monitoring and alarm system and is automatically displayed in the web interface via RJ-12 patch cable. You can then specify how you want to be notified when there is a water discharge / leakage / accident.


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