AKCP notification types

The notifications are used to notify you e.g. when a sensor reading has hit a certain preset “critical” threshold. There are many ways you can be notified by AKCP sensorProbe and AKCP securityProbe.

Notification via EMail

All sensorProbe and securityProbe remote-monitoring devices could send notifications via e-mail.


This form of notification sends out a signal to your SNMP server / NMS.


The sensorProbe and securityProbe monitoring devices could send SMS message to your mobile phone. For sensorProbe you have to use a SMS-Server or an EMail-to-SMS Gateway. For securityProbe you could attach our GSM GPRS Modem and Terminal.

MMS Notification (securityProbe devices only)

securityProbe could send you a multimedia message (MMS) to your mobile phone. This could also include images captured from securityprobe cameras.


The AKCP relay could be used as a switch so you could switch on an air con unit, if the temperature reading of a temperature sensor reaches a certain threshold. The automatic response of the sensor controlled Relay eliminates the need of user intervention during alarm conditions.

Alarm sound: (securityProbe only)

AKCP securityProbe could notify you with individual alarm sound.

Telephone call (securityProbe series only)

securityProbe could notify you by phone call. The securityProbe could play a pre recorded messages or text to speech messages. To get notifications by phone call, you need additional hardware. Please ask your Didactum® sales team.

Picture log: (AKCP securityProbe only)

securityProbe could create an action if the attached camera logs images, for example when a certain event happens.

Custom script: (AKCP securityProbe only)

AKCP`s securityProbe allows you to start custom scripts which run on a sensor reading a pre set parameter.

Sound Log (securityProbe only)

You could be notified with a log of sound captured with securitypprobe internal or with an external microphone.

Fax-Notification (securityProbe only)

The securityProbe could send you a Fax with notification messages. Please ask your Didactum® sales team for suitable fax-modems for securityProbe.

Mobile Access (securityProbe only)

The AKCP Mobile Access Software gives user the ability of viewing the cameras attached to securityprobe via mobile phone (Symbian OS needed). You could download the Mobile Access Datasheet here. Please ask the AKCP dealer Didactum® for the Mobile Access Software.

Siren and strobe light Notification

All sensorProbe and securityProbe monitoring devices could notify you with siren and strobe light attached.

Notification via Skype (securityProbe only)

securityProbe could sent you notifications via Skype.

Server Wake up / Shutdown: (securityProbe only)

securityProbe could send a signal to wake or shut down a Windows based server.

Windows Pop Up notification: (securityProbe only)

securityProbe could sent status messages to any PC on your LAN (window notification has to be enabled).

Alarm via GSM modem during network failures

The IT monitoring appliances premium class securityProbe, securityProbe-X20 and X60-securityProbe can be equipped with a GSM modem. In a possible power outage or network failure, you receive the alarm messages delivered by mobile. Furthermore, you can optionally also via GSM modem remotely on the securityProbe access.

AKCP securityProbe 5ESV


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution for up to 500 connected sensors.


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