Temperature sensor - waterproof version -

This waterproof sensor temperature is used to control the temperature of water and other liquids in temperature ranges from -55°C to +100°C.


Operating principle of the outdoor temperature sensor

The waterproof temperature sensor can also be used outdoors. This intelligent sensor is permanently calibrated at the factory and is connected to the networked remote monitoring devices via RJ11 plugs.


With the support of the auto identification function, an immediate detection of the waterproof temperature sensor is guaranteed. In the web interface of the 50/100 III/ 500 II/ 600/ 700 monitoring system, only enter the required temperature thresholds and alarm types when the water or liquid temperature is too low or too high.


This temperature sensor is equipped with an Object Identifier (OID) so that the measured values can also be integrated into central monitoring systems, e. g. process control consoles. A further feature of this waterproof temperature sensor is the disconnect alarm in case of sabotage or manipulation.


Outdoor Temperature Sensor


The outdoor temperature sensor from Didactum is specifically designed for measuring the temperature in outside areas. This sensor is weatherproof and compatible with all network-based Didactum monitoring and alarm systems. By simply plugging in the sensor into one of the RJ-11 plugs of the 8 analog sensor ports of the Didactum monitoring system, it is automatically detected and displayed in the web interface. 


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