Video security solutions for data center and server room

As part of the IT Compliance, your data center and server room should be equipped with video surveillance.

The advantages of a video security solution for data centers and server room are obvious:

  •  round-the-clock security
  •  early detection of possible threats (unauthorized access, technical problems etc.)
  •  Security
  •  Cost reduction

The securityProbe-5E Alarm Server is the right choice of IT-Professionals, because it combines environmental monitoring with professional video surveillance.

SecurityProbe`s sophisticated alarm system and integrated escalation management support your IT contingency plans.

Connect up to 4 surveillance cameras

Up to four analog video cameras from different manufacturers can be connected to the securityProbe 5E - you get a full IP-enabled video surveillance solution for your data center.

With mobile access software, you can control via mobile phone your cameras and you can control the installed sensors in your server room.

Dome camera with pan and tilt technology

Very good experience we have had with the AKCP Pan Tilt Dome camera, which offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

In the web interface of the securityProbe 5E, you can easily enter the coordinates of these surveillance dome camera and monitor so different areas of your data center.

Interaction of video surveillance camera with sensors

The securityProbe-5E offers more than just pure Video Security: Video cameras can interact with sensors attached. For example, a motion detector or magnetic contact let the AKCP Dome camera directly pivoted on the object to be monitored.

Unless you activate the alarm card contained in the securityProbe-5E, can be the floor plan of your data center, including the installed surveillance cameras and security sensors represent. By simple mouse click you can then intrude live on the scene.

Alarm management

If disturbances and threats may endanger the availability of your Data Center, the securityProbe 5E can deliver pictures / video of the event via MMS or via FTP upload.

AKCP securityProbe 5ES


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution. The AKCP securityProbe 5E Standard has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU.


from 995,00 Euro*