Nagios integration

The securityProbe 5E , securityProbe-X20, and securityProbe-X60 are based on a Linux Operating System. They All have 8 intelligent, autosense ports. Additionally you may choose either, none, 20, or 60, two wire, opt isolated dry contact inputs.

Monitor your entire network with the securityProbe equipment

In the securityProbe of our partner AKCP Nagios is already installed, you do not need any additional hardware in the form of a dedicated server or Nagios appliance. The securityProbe IP alarm server is already equipped with the Nagios monitoring system for your enterprise 24x7x365 monitoring.

The built-in Nagios network monitoring system of securityProbe 5E (AK-Sec5), requires no additional NAGIOS Nagios server or PC more. The technicians and consultants are Didactum® are at your expert for your enterprise specific adaptation of the Nagios monitoring system for the site. Also recommended are the Didactum® training around Nagios Monitoring System (NMS).

Nagios is part of securityProbe IP alarm server

Our Linux based systemsinclude many advanced features; operating a lighttpd web server, supporting encrypted https, a customizable web interface and a professional graphing package with a large logging database. The popular network management program Nagios is also included which facilitates the collection of network management data from multiple sensorProbe units, or any other host or application.

The Linux units support a host of notification methods. As well as the standard SNMP and e-mail methods SMS MMS and voice call notifications are available. These additional features require a GSM enabled mobile phone for SMS and MMS or a serial voice modem to receive phone call notification using the inbuilt text2speech module.

NAGIOS on the AKCP securityProbe (AK-SEC)

You can find the preinstalled NAGIOS in the directory / usr / nagios of your securityProbe. Please begin with the NAGIOS "run_nagios" script.

Paramenter of the script run_nagios for the AKCP securityProbe

The script of the run_nagios securityProbe provides the following key parameters:

/ usr / nagios / run_nagios verify
Verify the parameter should always be performed before the start of NAGIOS and to check the configuration files.

/ usr / nagios / run_nagios start
This parameter NAGIOS run in daemon mode

/ usr / nagios / run_nagios stop
Use this parameter to stop NAGIOS

If you have questions about the monitoring with Nagios, you should contact our highly trained support team. On request Didactum ® provides its customers is a quick guide (pdf format) for operating the appliances AKCP Environmental Monitoring with Nagios Management System (NMS) are available. Please also see our training for the implementation of Nagios monitoring in the enterprise.

AKCP securityProbe 5ESV


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution for up to 500 connected sensors.


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