4-20 mAmp Converter

This 4-20 mA signal converter sensor / measuring converter is used in process and automation technology, laboratory technology as well as in measurement control rooms.


Operating principle of the 4-20 mAmp converter

It enables reliable monitoring of measuring signals from external sensors such as pressure sensors, gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors, voltage sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, flow sensors, weight sensors, speed sensors, etc. with the proven remote monitoring devices. The measured values recorded by the 4-20 mA measuring converter can be displayed graphically or as a value by the monitoring devices in the web interface - if the required parameters are exceeded or undershot, an alarm can be sent by e-mail, SMS or SNMP trap to the measuring control room.


Since the measuring converter / 4-20mA signal converter has its own SNMP-OID (Object IDentifier), a direct integration into customer-specific monitoring solutions / process control systems is possible. This measuring converter is automatically recognized by the monitoring system. As an option, a disconnect alarm can be triggered if the contact is interrupted, e. g. by sabotage or manipulation.


4-20 mAmp Converter


This 4-20 mAmp measuring converter is specially designed for TCP / IP-based Didactum monitoring and alarm systems. With this converter you can integrate existing sensors in the network-based 24/7/365 monitoring of Didactum monitoring systems. The measurement data of the measuring converter can be integrated into management software or network monitoring systems.


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