FAQ NMS Integration

  • Where can I find the mib file for the device?


The mib file for the device can be found in the help CD, under the directory: \akcp_utilities\mib\


  • Are there different mib files for each device, or are they the same for all products?


Yes, there are two different mib files, one for the sensorProbe line of products and one for the securityProbe line of products.


  • What is a MIB Browser?


A MIB Browser is a tool that allows you to manage data from SNMP enabled devices such as servers, routers and switches. In addition MIB Browsers offer functions such as:


  • Retrieve and display MIB data - Compiling of MIB definitions
  • Modification of MIB variables
  • Basic SNMP trap management
  • MIB tree / management tree
  • Support of SNMP protocols 1,2 and 3