Glass Break & Vibration Sensor

This Glass Break & Vibration Sensor has been specially developed for the security monitoring of glass surfaces, windows and glass doors.


How the Glass Break & Vibration Sensor works

This sensor is compatible with the Ethernet-enabled Didactum Monitoring Systems of the series 50/100 III / 500 II / 600/ 700. By means of a built-in screw, the sensitivity of the glass break and vibration detector can be adjusted. In addition to glass surfaces, this IP-capable glass breakage detector can also monitor wooden surfaces, plaster walls and masonry. Burglary or vandalism (stone throwing etc.) can be detected with this combined glass break & vibration detector. Get notified in case of vibration or glass breakage The Glass Break & Vibration Detector is connected to the potential-free inputs / dry contacts of the networked Didactum security monitoring device. Individual glass break sensors can also be connected in series, so that larger glass surfaces or glass exterior wall constructions can also be secured. In the multilanguage web interface of the IP-based monitoring unit, you can easily configure this glass break & vibration sensor.


Determine how the IP-network based remote security monitoring unit should react, when detecting glass breakage or vibration. Each monitoring device can send notifications, messages and alerts via e-mail (up to eight different receivers), via SMS (* GSM modem or 3rd Party Gateway) and also send SNMP traps to building monitoring software and Network-Monitoring-Software (NMS). Via the built-in 12V DC outputs of Didactum remote monitoring devices, sirens with included flash lights can be switched on for audiovisual alerts. If desired, a USB camera can also be connected to Didactum`s IP-based remote monitoring unit.


If the glass breakage detector detects a burglary attempt, images of the damage event can be sent by e-mail or SMS *. Integrated mapping functions can also display the glass breakage in the web GUI.


vibrationDetect Sensor


The Didactum vibrationDetect sensor is a normally closed input switch that will detect when there is vibration, or a window is broken. It can be connected to both the Didactum base units and then linked to notification alerts.


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