Magnetic Dry Contact Sensor

The Magnetic Dry Contact Sensor belongs to the group of security sensors and serves the permanent monitoring of existing doors, windows, cabinets, IT racks or roller doors.


How the Magnetic Dry Contact Sensor works

This sensor is connected via a two-wire cable to the potential-free / dry contact inputs of the Ethernet-based remote rack monitoring units of the 50 / 100 III / 500 II / 600/ 700 series. The installation of this magnetic door control sensor is very simple: just connect with a screwdriver the 2-wire cable is to the included connector of the remote monitoring device. If desired, you can extend this magnetic door switch sensor with a 2-wire signal cable up to approximately 150 meters from the IP-based remote rack monitoring unit. After successful installation, log on to your Didactum Monitoring System via a web browser. Here, you can configure the magnetic dry contact sensor. You can name the sensor individually (for example, door computer room, IT rack 1, window of server room), and then set the normal state of this security sensor (door normally open / door normally closed). Optionally, individual magnetic door contact sensors can be connected in series. Here you can protect a variety of existing 19 inch server cabinets / IT-racks from unauthorized access!


As soon as the front, side or rear door of the server rack is opened, Didactum`s  IP-based remote monitoring system sends a message in the form of an e-mail or SMS alert (via GSM modem or 3rd party gateway). If an SNMP-compatible monitoring software is used, the network-based remote monitoring device can also send messages and alerts in the form of SNMP traps. MIB files for network management systems (including HP OpenView, OpManager, OpenNMS, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix) and plug-ins for Nagios are included with Didactum`s proven remote monitoring units. A control of server cabinets is particularly useful for customers who have outsourced their computer systems in a service data center / colocation data center facilities. When the sensitive colocation rack is accessed, the IT managers will receive immediate notifications and can promptly consult the IT service provider.


Dry Contact Access Sensor


Simple sensor lets you remotely monitor any doors or windows in any location in the data center from internet.


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