FAQ Sensors

  • Is the new E-opto16 expansion module opto isolated?


Yes. The new E-opto16 expansion unit for securityProbe-5E are pre configured as opto-isolated. This provides protecton against over voltage and you can apply up to 50VDC to this dry contact inputs.


  • How far is the maximum length of AKCP E-opto16 and E-sensor8 expansion units?


The maximum length of CAT5-cable between securityProbe-5E base unit and expansion unit is 300 metres / 1000 ft. If you want to chain the expansion units together, the length between each expansion module could be up to 300 metres. The support team of Didactum recommends the use of high-quality CAT5-cables with securityProbe-5E devices.


  • What is the difference between the E-opto16, IO-digital8, and DCS15 dry contact sensor?


The E-opto16 (16 opto isolated dry contact inputs) This expansion unit is used when the customer requires inputs of more than 5volts DC up to 24volts DC, hence the use of the term opto-isolated. This is a dry contact input only and can only be used with the new securityProbe 5E. The IO-digital8 (8 dry contacts on a single sensor port) Compared to the E-opto16, the IOdigital8 is for 5volts or less and it has the added advantage of supplying 5volts output at 20milliamps. You would use this when the customer requires dry contacts inputs of 5 volts or less or if they require a 5volt output. These plug directly into the intelligent sensor ports on the 5E which means one 5E can support up to 64 dry contacts. These can be controlled individually and configured as ether an input or an output. These are not compatible with the sensorProbe2 or 8.


The DCS15 Dry Contact (15 feet single dry contact that plugs into an intelligent sensor port) This is a single dry contact that can take an input of 5 volts max or be configured as a 5volt output. This works on all of our products, not just the 5E. You would use this if the customer requires only a few dry contact inputs or outputs.