Sensor safety / magnetic contact

The sensor safety is a magnetic switch contact for controlling doors and windows.

Function of the sensor Safety / magnetic contact

This safety sensor is for all Didactum monitoring devices. The sensor is connected to the monitoring device via the included patch cable. The magnetic contact sensor is automatically detected.  


As soon as the magnetic contact has been activated by opening the door, you will be informed by the monitoring systems of the 50/100III/500II/600/700 series by email, SMS or SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).


Optionally, an open alarm can also be triggered by connecting the siren with its own built-in flash light. Monitor sensitive rooms and server racks with this safety sensor and be informed uncompromisingly when you have allowed / unauthorized access.


Door Contact Sensor


Didactum`s Door Contact Sensor is designed for monitoring the security of your doors and windows. With the highly reliable Didactum network enabled monitoring system and the door contact sensor in place you will be alerted immediately when a door or window has been breached.  This also ensures piece of mind that all of your windows and doors within your infrastructure are closed during the evenings and on weekends.


from 61,00 Euro*