Network-based monitoring of temperature and humidity in the server room

Everybody knows that installed server and IT devices in the server room  produce heat. Especially in server rooms from smaller and medium-sized businesses we often find any air conditioning systems or inadequately sized air conditioners.

Once the outside temperature reaches the 20°C / 68°F mark, the temperature  can reach critical levels in the server room quickly. Even structural defects of the building can increase the heat!

Monitor temperature and humidity

Heat in the server room and the consequences

A too high temperature in the server room can lead to overheating of installed computer systems and can affect the availability of your mission critical IT systems. While the clock speed of the server's CPU can be lowered in order to escape the result of overheating, installed hard disks, which are located in servers and disk storage systems, are sensitive to thermal effects.

With a too high temperature in the server room, the air introduced from case fans to cool the hard disk / drive electronics is often no longer sufficient. Many administrators, who have already experienced the phenomenon of overheat in the server room, told us of an increased failure rate of hard drives after a short time.

Relative humidity in server room

A second important environmental factor in the server room is the relative humidity, which should be in the range between 30 to 55 percent. A low relative humidity can cause static discharges - a high humidity may cause corrosion damage to the sensitive computer equipment.

To prevent damage to the server room Didactum® recommends to monitor constantly the temperature and humidity.

Here our Top Seller sensorProbe2 with combined temperature sensor and humidity sensor is the right choice for you. The sensorProbe2 is an autonomous, network-based IP alarm server, which  alerts you via email or SMS (via Email-SMS gateway) , when the required temperature or humidity in your server room will reach critical conditions. Since the sensorProbe2 is SNMP-compatible and MIB files are included, an integration of the sensorProbe2 in network monitoring systems (NMS) like Nagios, OpenNMS, WhatsUp Gold or HP OpenView is possible. The installation of the alarm sensorProbe2 server is straightforward.

Reliable monitoring of air conditioning system / air conditioning unit If your air conditioning system is fitted with dry contacts, you can connect to the second sensor port of the sensorProbe2 an dry contact contact sensor. Alarms of your air conditioner will be forwarded from the IP-based sensorProbe2 via Email (up to 6 recipients) or via SMS (SMS gateway) or via SNMP trap to your network monitoring system.

Didactum`s sales team is happy to offer you sensorProbe2 remote monitoring device.

AKCP securityProbe 5ES


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution. The AKCP securityProbe 5E Standard has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU.


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