Temperature monitoring of computer systems for small business owners

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) understand by the term IT security often only UPS, antivirus / firewall, and backup.

The physical security of the PCs or servers is nowadays still not given the necessary attention in small businesses. Often, critical servers, network components, and backup media in dusty storerooms find again. Older battery packs for UPS systems provide the necessary buffer times quickly to a non-calculable risk.

Monitoring of computerized broom closets

The pyhsikalische security often installed in closets computer systems is often not monitored, although for example overheating of servers and computer equipment can have fatal consequences!

Scale disaster, the CPU, the power supply and the hard disks of the possible heat death threat!

Backup tapes, which are widely negligently stored in the computerized storage room, are also not immune to high temperatures.

"We do not require temperature monitoring of our server. To this day, it's always gone well" is often the response of small business owners on issues relating to security of their IT pyhsikalische.

Many IT service / external administrators do not speak their customers at the important issue of temperature monitoring of IT systems. The reasons for this may be diverse in nature.

Possible consequences of a computer failure for small businesses

The author surprised again and again how many SMEs deal with the topic "Safety of IT systems" still very neglected. Are there still many small business owners who can stand at a total failure of the computer system before the possible off!

Even a small business at risk when a computer failure in addition to possible economic damage and legal consequences that may be unequal serious.

IT basic protection for small business owners

The assortment offered by Didactum® on network-based IT monitoring devices and intelligent sensors is not only aimed at medium-sized companies, large companies and institutions. Also SME's find Didactum® solutions to monitor their IT systems.

That the security monitoring of server & Co. does not have to be expensive, will be provided with our sensorProbe2 Bundles monitoring test.

With the sensorProbe2 Bundle 1 SMEs get a monitor that those responsible be notified in case of overheating or fire via e-mail alert via SMS (via email to SMS server). The sensorProbe2 also supports the direct temperature query via SNMP and can be integrated on demand into network monitoring systems like Nagios or OpenNMS free.

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AKCP securityProbe 5ES


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution. The AKCP securityProbe 5E Standard has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU.


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