AC Voltage Sensor

The AC Voltage Sensor from manufacturer Didactum is used to measure and to monitor AC current voltage and it`s easily connected with an non UPS-powered power socket.


How the AC Voltage Sensor works

Then connect this AC Voltage Sensor with a free sensor port of your proven 50/100 III / 500 II remote monitoring device. Didactum`s AC sensor is equipped with an SNMP OID,  so it is immediately recognized by the Ethernet - based monitoring unit and displayed and in the multilingual web interface. Here, you can configure the AC voltage sensor to your specifications. If AC power fails, the IP-based remote monitoring system can send messages and alerts via e-mail, SMS (* via GSM modem or e-mail to SMS gateway). If your servers run on the battery power of the UPS system, you and your colleagues will be reliably informed.


A critical power failure in production, storage or IT space can also be detected by the IP-network based monitoring unit via SNMP traps to DCIM software or Network-Management-Systems (Nagios,OpenNMS, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix, etc.). In combination with the SNMP enabled remote monitoring devices from manufacturer Didactum, you can also use this IP-capable AC sensor for simple quality analyzes of AC current. This allows you to measure AC voltage and to get notified of any critical power fluctuations by e-mail or SMS *. The measured AC current voltage can also be polled via LAN / WAN by the use of SNMP commands (Simple Network Management Protocol).


The data measured by AC Voltage Sensor is stored in the data logger of the IP-based Didactum measuring device. The measurement diagrams can be displayed graphically. The collected sensor data can be exported to measurement data software or further processed with Microsoft Excel.


Didactum AC Monitor


The Didactum AC Voltage Sensor was developed specifically for network-based monitoring of electricity. This sensor is compatible with all Didactum monitoring and alarm systems. Simply connect this AC voltage sensor in any available 230V outlet. Then connect this sensor via the RJ-12 cable (included) to any available port on the sensor Didactum monitoring and alarm system. 


from 72,00 Euro*