Didactum® Integration of the AKCP Monitoring Hardware into OpenNMS

The free OpenNMS network management system is becoming more and more popular. With OpenNMS customers get a powerful monitoring solution for around-the-clock monitoring of critical systems and networks.

To assist administrators in the integration of AKCP monitoring hardware into OpenNMS, Didactum ® offers a practical 3-day on-site training.

Prerequisite for this training is already installed and configured OpenNMS and SNMP-enabled monitoring hardware for the physical security monitoring of server rooms and data centers in the form of AKCP securityProbe-5E.

Didactum® Training: Introduction OpenNMS Monitoring at the company

Duration of the Training: 3 days
Adressee: Administrators
Trainer: The OpenNMS training will be conducted by an experienced practitioner in the form of a Didactum ® Consultant.
Place: On-site at your company / authority


You and your colleagues must be free on "Day Service" during the 3-day training. To ensure individual attention of the participants, we recommend a maximum number of 5 persons.

Applies here as everywhere that the infrastructure needs to be available and you and your colleagues have the appropriate access and permissions. Further Didactum ® requires the existence of appropriate OpenNMS monitoring hardware in the form of the AKCP securityProbe.

1st day:

  • development and definition of milestones / targets
  • joint preparation of functional specifications
  • definition of the types of alerts / notifications
  • definition the parameters

2nd day:

  • shared installation of the monitoring hardware securityProbe-5E and sensors
  • establishment of notifications
  • adjustment of OpenNMS
  • installation of plugins
  • establishment of services

3rd day:

  • collection of performance data
  • exercises in the area of ​​monitoring services
  • exercises in creating custom plugins
  • creating a short documentary / user manual

Costs: Didactum ® is pleased to create you an offer for the OpenNMS training.