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  • How could I check via SNMP if any of the connected intelligent sensors is in alarm state?


Of course you could directly check if any intelligent sensor measures critical conditions e.g. overheating or too high humdity and so on. Just use this OID: .


The OID will give you an overview if any of SNMP-enabled sensors attached to your sensorProbe or securityProbe alarm server is in critical condition. To determine which sensor is in critical state, just make an SNMPwalk on the remote monitoring device.


  • What is the default IP address of the device when it is shipped from the factory?


The default IP assigned at the factory is: The device is not hooked up


  • Can I use the default IP of the device to access the web interface and later assign the desired IP?


Yes, you can access the web interface by entering the IP in your browser.


  • Where can I find the MAC address of the device?


The MAC address of the device can be found on the bottom cover of the device On the web interface under Network page When using IPSet in Automatically Get MAC mode


  • I cannot login to the device. What could be my problem?


The password entered is wrong. The password has been changed by another user Try logging is as Administrator and using public as the password


  • If I cannot remember my password, what can I do?


You need to contact the Support Team The Support Team will provide you with an Administrator password, so you can login Try logging is as Administrator and using public as the password


  • I am not able to change any settings in the device. What could be my problem?


You have logged into the device as a user. Only an administrator can make changes to the settings


  • Do I need to extract, or open the compressed firmware file after I have downloaded this from your website? Why do I get prompted for a password when trying to open this file?


No, you do not need to open, or decompress this file. Simply download the firmware file, then using either IPSet, the utility called “configure”, or probeManager to update the firmware by browsing to this compressed file. You will need to enter the admin password of unit into the password field of each utilities GUI.


  • How do I rest my unit back to the factory default settings?


Yes, you can. You can reset the unit using our utility called “configure”, which you can download from our website. Please keep in mind this does not reset the master password for the unit. See FAQ above for the steps on recovering your master password for the unit.


  • Why am I unable to set the Ip to the device using the IPSet utility provided in the help CD?


Yes, the following step will help setting up the IP address: The power to the sensorProbe may be lost. Check the red LED. It should be steadily lit. The device is not hooked up properly with the LAN/network/Patch cable. Check the green LED. It should be steadily lit. If it is not try another cable


  • If the IPSet fails, is there any other method of assigning the IP Address?


Find out the IP address of your network adapter by entering the command "ipconfig" at the command prompt. In Windows 2000 and XP the command prompt can be accessed by clicking on Start -> Run -> and then typing in 'cmd' into the dialog box. Add the IP address of the sensorProbe to the routing table by entering route add x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the network adapter


Add ARP table by entering arp -s xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx where xx-xxxx-xx-xx-xx is the MAC address of your sensorProbe


Ping with a buffer size as 89 bytes. ping -l 89 If the browser and access the ping works then open up your web interface of the device by typing the IP


  • I am able to ping the device IP, but I am not getting the web interface when I enter the IP in the browser. What is my problem?


The proxy settings of the browser may be preventing the access to the device. Please disable the proxy settings to access the web interface. You have updated the micro code of the firmware, but you have not updated the html code update. Html code updates has to be done, after the micro code update is done


  • The device will not send email alerts successfully. What could be my problem?
  • The SMTP server is entered is wrong. The send mail option is not enabled in the Mail settings page. 
  • The timeout period entered is too low. 
  • The gateway IP is not entered in the network page
  • The mail from address is not set
  • The mail server is not responding
  • The mail from address is not validated in the mail server
  • The mail server settings prohibit it from accepting connections form the device IP
  • The firewall in the network is preventing the SMTP traffic
  • The device is not able to send SNMP Traps. What is my problem?
  • The destination SNMP TRAP IP is not set the TRAP settings. 
  • The community entered is wrong.
  • The firewall is blocking the SNMP TRAP traffic.
  • The send SNMP Trap option is Off.
  • What is the initial string for sending SMS with the securityProbe 5E and the GSM / GPRS modem?


Each modem has a different initial string. Please call us or come in contact with us.


  • I have a sensorProbe2 with older firmware. When I try to run the latest SP2 firmware upgrade , the IPSet utility is returning the error message "cannot get firmware version".


Your sensorProbe2 is running an old firmware and has not been updated for a long time. You need to update this sensorProbe2 in one or two steps, depending on how old your installed AKCP-firmware version is. Please use older versions of firmware depending on whether you have a sensorProbe2 or sensorProbe8 unit, then, update the unit with each followed by the latest version FIRMWARE 371 and FIRMWARE 398.This firmware you can get from our support Team.


  • My sensorProbe8-X60 monitoring device is equipped with a screw connection of external grounding. Do I have to ground this monitoring device which is installed in a 19-inch server cabinet?


If you installed your sensorProbe8-X60 monitoring hardware with the original rack mount kit connected to the metal case cabinet, the sensorProbe8-X60 is grounded by same ground than the cabinet, that is chassis ground. So as long as the rack mount kit is connected to the metal server cabinet which is grounded, it is not necessary to have additional ground. In other cases you have to attach a ground wire to the external grounding screw of your sensorProbe8X60. A professional electrician can help you in terms of grounding your IT equipment.