Water sensor

The discharge of water from the air-conditioning and heating system, a water pipe rupture or flooding can cause considerable damage within a few minutes. 


How the water sensor works

This leakage sensor can also reliably detect the discharge of distilled water. The installation of the water leakage sensor is simple: simply plug the RJ-11 connector of the sensor into the monitoring device and you're done. In the event of water damage, a reliable notification is provided in the form of e-mail alerts, SMS alarms or SNMP traps. In addition, this leakage sensor can also reliably report the discharge of deionised water. Thanks to the integrated SNMP-OID, this sensor can also be integrated into building monitoring and network management software.  


Water Sensor


This Didactum leak sensor has been developed for the reliable detection of water and moisture. This water leak sensor is compatible with all Didactum SNMPv1/v2c/v3 enabled remote monitoring devices. Simply connect this leakage sensor via the patch cable included to one of the 8 sensor ports of your Didactum monitoring system. The leak sensor is supplied complete with screws and mounting tape. A two meter patch cable is also included.


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