AKCess Pro E-opto16 Expansion Modul

The new e-opto16 Module is suitable for the securityProbe-5E alarm server. By the use of this extension unit, you get the the ability to monitor up to 16 dry contacts of important systems over your TCP/IP network.

E-opto16 module IP-based remote monitoring of dry contacts

Up to 16 dry contacts can be connected to the E-opto16 expansion unit. If you want to remotely monitor further dry contact inputs, just attach additional E-opto16 units to the securityProbe-5E. Receive messages from dry contacts of your critical systems.

Alerts of dry contacts can be passed by the securityProbe 5E via SNMP alarm to your Network Monitoring System.

Network-based remote monitoring of dry contacts

Many systems are equipped with dry contacts. Dry contacts are used to signal interference or outages. Connect the dry contacts of UPS systems, air conditioning, fire alarm systems, door locking systems as well as telecommunication equipment and much more the E-opto16 expansion module for securityProbe-5E security appliance to receive a network-based surveillance of dry contacts and switches.

The security staff will be notified when system faults occur by the securityProbe-5E in a variety of ways. Possible notifications include email alert, SMS alert, but also telephone and fax (additional hardware such as GSM / GPRS modem required).

So costly downtime in your company could be avoided with the reliable 7x24 network-based securityProbe-5E alarm server.