Water Detection Cable

The water alarm cable from Didactum was developed to protect sensitive IT infrastructures from the undetected leakage of water.


How the water alarm cable works

The water alarm cable is available in lengths of 6,10,25 and 50 metres. Large server room and data center infrastructures can be monitored for water leakage if required. The water alarm cable is connected to the optionally available water sensor for water alarm cable and then automatically detected by the IT monitoring device.


The water alarm cable is compatible to all LAN based monitoring systems of Didactum. Any leakage of water / moisture can be reported by the IT monitoring systems via SNMP traps, e-mail or SMS (via GSM modem or 3rd party SMS gateway). On request, the built-in 12V outputs can also be used and signal the water damage of the connected building services or alarm system.


Water Detection Cable


In the server room and data center are usually Raised floors. To get reliably reported in case of a water leakage or moisture in the double bottom, the Didactum water detection cable should be installed here. This cable has an overall length of 50 meters and is easily incorporated into the raised floor of the data center or server room. Then connect the cable to the Didactum leakage sensor for water chain.


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