FAQ securityProbe

  • How much data of my IP-enabled sensors could my securityProbe-5E store and how long will be the data stored?


The securityProbe-5E remote monitoring hardware has an integrated data-logger memory for storage of the collected sensor data. The built-in memory of the latest generation of securityProbe could save approx. 44,000 points per attached intelligent sensor. If you set the period of sensor data collection in securityProbe`s web-interface for a period of every 10 minutes, the latest securityProbe-5E, securityProbe-X20 and securityProbe-X60 units can save and store up to approx. 9 months of data. When the capacity internal sensor memory is reached, the oldest measurement data will be overwritten. Of course you can easily export the measured data of intelligent sensors. The environmentsl monitoring specialist Didactum ® recommends AKCP`s securityServer software or OpenNMS to store the collected sensor values of sensorProbe and securityProbe IP-AlarmServer.


  • Can the E-opto16 dry contact expansion modules for securityProbe-5E be configured for inputs and outputs of dry contacts?


As the securityProbe-X20 or securityProbe-X60, the E-opto16 dry contact expansion module for securityProbe-5E could only be used as input. If you need dry contact outputs, please use AKCP dry contact sensor e.g. AK-DCS15.  


  • How many E-sensor8 and E-opto16 expansion units could be attached to one securityProbe-5E?


First, you could attach the AKCP expansion units to the 4 RJ-45 expansion ports of securityProbe-5E. If you want to attach further E-sensor8 and E-opto16 units, you could chain them together with CAT5 cable. Actually there is no limitation of connected AKCP expansion modules. Important is, that securityProbe-5E supports in total up to 600 sensors, no matter how many sensors are attached to each expansion module. 


  • Can the dry contacts on the x20 or x60 units be configured as outputs?


No, these are inputs only and can be configured to be opto-isolated by moving jumpers inside the units. For outputs, you need the IO-digital8 or the Dry Contact Sensor cable (DCS15). Please see our FAQ/Knowledge base on our web site for instructions on how to configure the X20 and X60 extra dry contacts to opto-isolated mode on the X20 and X60 units.


  • I`ve got questions abount SNMP integration of sensorProbe and securityProbe devices and I am not very familiar with your sensor OID’s. How do I get additional information?


If you need additional information about SNMP-integration of sensorProbe2, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe remote monitoring appliances, please contact our support team via phone +49 2501 971 63 55 or via eMail support[at]didactum.com. We are happy to send you SNMP manual and a list of OID`s of intelligent sensors. 


  • How Much Data can be Graphed by securityProbe?


The securityProbe can store up to 35,040 data points for each sensor in RRDTool database. If data is recorded e.g. every 15 minutes, there will be enough data to display measurements for up to 1 year.


  • How could I export the Sensor Data of securityProbe?


RRDTool database can be downloaded for each sensor with a simple click on Download Data button. The output file is text based with comma-separated measurement values. So you could easily import the Sensor-Data into e.g. Microsoft Excel. 


  • Where do I find the MAC address of the sensorProbe and securityProbe device?


You will find the MAC address of the sensorProbe or securityProbe on the bottom cover of the device.  If you are logged in on the web interface you will find MAC address under Network Settings Page. You could also identify MAC Address with AKCP IPSet Utility. 


  • How could I reset my sensorProbe or securityProbe remote monitoring device to AKCP factory default setting?


You could reset sensorProbe2 / sensorProbe8 or securityProbe ack to factory default settings with AKCP`s Configure Utility. You will find Configure Utility on your sensorProbe or securityProbe product CD. If you have lost your AKCP CD, please contact the support team of Didactum to send you the Configure tool via eMail. 


  •  During the scan of securityProbe`s internal SD card bad blocks appear


Please contact the support of official AKCP-Distributor Didactum Ltd. Germany and ask for a new SD card for your securityProbe5E, securityProbe-X20 or security-X60 remote IT monitoring device. After you have inserted the new SD card into your securityProbe rack monitoring system, please run the current InuxIPSet5.8.1 tool. Please download this AKCP utility here.  This utility enables you install latest securityProbe firmware. Once you have connected your PC via a CrossOver cable to your securityProbe, please start the InuxIPSet5.8.1 tool and install the latest microcode firmware update. After that, your rack monitoring system, including the new securityProbe SD card should work as usual.