Sensor Smoke / smoke detector

A smouldering fire in the server room, data center, warehouse or production area can cause considerable damage within minutes.

How the smoke sensor works

Increase your IT security and install smoke detection sensors in your business critical infrastructures. In order to be able to detect the emergence of burnt smoke / smoke as soon as possible, the smoke detector door should be mounted on the ceiling of the room.  


This smoke sensor is connected to the 50/100 III/500 II/600/700 series surveillance systems by means of the included patch cable. This means that the fire alarm can then be forwarded immediately to the control centre or to the responsible administrators by e-mail, SNMP trap or SMS. 


Individual smoke detectors can also be connected in series with each other on request. Only 1 sensor connection on the monitoring system is used.


Smoke Detector


The smoke detector from Didactum was specially developed for the early detection of fire / smoke and is compatible to all Didactum alarm systems. Per RJ-12 patch cable, this sensor will be connected to one of the sensor ports of the IP-based Didactum monitoring system and is automatically displayed in the web GUI. Upon request, several of these Didactum smoke detectors can be connected in series.


from 75,00 Euro*