Siren with Strobe Light

In important infrastructure, such as data center, production or logistics, critical events and malfunctions should be reported to the (operator) personnel in a complex manner.


How the Siren with Strobe Light works

Didactum`s siren with strobe light is a tried and tested solution for the early warning and alerting of the on-site employees. The siren with flashlight combines an acoustic and visual alarm. This allows the staff to be reliably informed of critical state changes (overtemperature, condensation) or the occurrence of risks (fire, dew point, water damage) in noisy environments, such as data center and production infrastructure. The siren with integrated flash light is easy to install. Mounting material (screws, dowels) is included. Simply connect cable of the siren to a 12V output of Didactum`s network-enabled remote monitoring device. An additional power supply or batteries are not required since this siren is supplied with power from the main monitoring unit.


After connecting the siren to the IP-based remote monitoring device, you only have to access the monitoring device with your web browser. In the multilanguage web interface, you can configure the siren individually. The built-in logic of Didactum`s IP-driven monitoring device allows the quick definition of alerts and rules. Trigger functions are also supported. For example, you can determine that the siren is triggered at overtemperature or critical humidity (rH).


The siren with it`s integrated flash light can also be switched in conjunction with other important intelligent sensors, such as the water leakage detection sensor, the smoke detector or the door contact sensor. The triggering of the siren with strobe light via SNMP command is also supported, so that Network-Management-Systems (Nagios, OpenNMS, HP OpenView, WhatsUp Gold etc.) can issue open alarms.


Alarm Siren With Stroboscope


Use the Didactum siren for issuing warnings and alerts for critical events. This sensor will reliably alert your staff and security personnel of critical conditions. Didactum`s siren offers a combined audio and visual alarm for the reliable notification in noisy production areas or data centers.


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