Centralized monitoring of globally distributed server locations

Demand of our customers was a centralized 7/24/365 monitoring of all worldwide data center / IT infrastructures and a immediate notification of system failures and critical system states in the respective server rooms.

In addition, a reliable remote access on heterogeneous server systems had to be ensured. To minimize potential damage (burglary, theft, vandalism, trespassing) in unmanned areas, the respecitve data center must be fully equipped with video cameras.

Didactum installed the premium securityProbe alarm server in customers distributed data centers, the premium appliances have been monitoring securityProbe-series) of our partner AKCP including IT installs video monitoring. The AKCP securityProbe monitoring devices to alert when the state change in the server room (failover, air-conditioning failure, power failure, UPS) monitoring the respective competent administrators in the office. Using the Alarm Card AKCP the current state of each server locations in the central control room will be mapped and displayed the latest results of the monitoring sensors by beamer. A central management of all corporate network located in the AKCP IT security monitoring products which ensures AKCP probe manager.

The heterogeneous server systems (Windows, Linux, Sun) are monitored by the securityProbe appliance (availability, CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk capacity, etc.).
In order for a network outage, the securityProbe remote IT monitoring appliances are equipped with GSM / GPRS modems DD-SI-GSM.

To secure a remote access to the servers, IP-based KVM solutions including remote power management were installed. This allows the headquarter a smooth access up to the BIOS level of the individual server systems, and on request a reinstallation of operating system with with a virtual disks. Should any server in the distributed data centers no longer be accessible, the headquarter could conveniently use the remote power strips to power the server off and on.

External service providers will be rapidly led to defective IT equipment, since the entire server racks are mapped in the securityProbe mapping module. Of course the headquarter could control via the work of external service technicians in Data Center via installed Dome Cameras.

As this solution of Didactum® shows, a centralized non-stop worldwide safety monitoring of distributed server sites / data centers is possible. With the premium IT monitoring appliances of AKCP`s securityProbe series, the security of distributed unmanned data centers could be reliably monitored around the clock.

For all questions relating to the topic 7x24x365 monitoring of mission critical infrastructures, please contact our specialists.

AKCP securityProbe 5ESV


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution for up to 500 connected sensors.


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