Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of critical infrastructures such as server rooms, data centers, production, logistics or archives.


Function of the sensor Temperature

Features of this temperature sensor are an integrated sensor OID (Object Identifier) as well as the permanent calibration ex works. The Ethernet-based environmental monitoring devices automatically detect this temperature sensor as soon as the plug is plugged into a sensor connection.


The temperature sensor works precisely and measures temperature ranges from 40° to +100° Celsius. The responsible employees are reliably informed by the measuring and monitoring devices via e-mail, SMS or SNMP traps when the temperature is exceeded. If desired, an optional siren including flashing light function can be switched if the room temperature is exceeded. The temperature data collected by the sensor in real time are stored in the Didactum instrument's built-in data memory.


Directly in the web interface you can display the temperature curve graphically. For checklists and reports, the temperature measurement data can be downloaded from the networked monitoring device via CSV or XML file and further processed with Microsoft Excel.


Temperature Sensor


Measure and monitor this important environmental factor in your temperature sensitive infrastructures. You can insure that a sudden temperature change does not affect your mission critical infrastructure. The permanent temperature recording is important in the context of compliance. This is also suitable and sometimes very important for audits. The temperature sensor can be extended up to 100 meters from the Didactum monitoring devices by using your own RJ-11 cable.


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