Monitoring Set "Server Room Protection"

The "Server Room Protection“ set from manufacturer Didactum consists of the advanced 100 III Monitoring System, a precise sensor temperature, a sensor humidity, a sensor water and a smoke detector.


The applications of the "Server Room Protection“ bundle

Most important is the use of this bundle in the business-critical server room. Many companies and public authorities can not work after a failure of IT infrastructure. The IP-capable intelligent sensors included in this bundle report critical environmental conditions such as overtemperature / heat, static discharge / condensation, water leakage and smoldering / fire at an early stage. The risks and the consequences of an IT failure can be reduced by the use of this popular "Server Room Protection“ kit. The use of this remote monitoring kit in production and logistics environments as well as in offices is also recommended by Didactum's infrastructure experts. These important areas should also be effectively protected against physical and man made risks.


The connection of the intelligent sensors to the networked monitoring unit is simple. The sensors are detected immediately with the support of the innovative auto identification feature. Define individual limits and thresholds for the important environmental influences such as temperature and humidity in the web interface of this IP-driven remote monitoring device. Afterwards, you simply determine how you and your colleagues are notified and alerted during heat, dew point formation, water damage or cable fire. For this purpose, you define automatic actions that can be selected in the integrated logics of the remote monitoring device.


The Monitoring System 100 III included in this kit reports status changes and catastrophic events via e-mail and also via SMS* (* via GSM modem or 3rd party email to SMS gateway). If desired, you can also connect a loud siren with integrated LED flash lights to the networked main unit. If the temperature in the server room or server cabinet reaches a critical level or if the air conditioning system releases water in the server room, this infrastructure monitoring bundle will report this without compromise.


The IP-based remote monitoring device contained in this „Server Room Protection“ set works independently. Additional software installation is not required. The temperature or humidity sensor measurement data is stored in the data logger of the remote monitoring unit and can be convenient downloaded and, for example, edited with Microsoft Excel. You can create individual checklists and reports in the context of humidity and temperature monitoring. In addition, the measurement data can be graphically displayed directly in the web GUI of the IP-based remote measuring and monitoring device. With a few mouse clicks, you can display the temperature and relative humidity (RH) graphs. If you have an SNMP-compatible automation or network- management software in your company / authority, this „Server Room Protection“ kit can be easily integrated. SNMP MIB files and Nagios plugins are included. In addition to SNMP traps, the future-proof Monitoring System 100 III also supports SNMPget and SNMPset functions. Each of Didactum`s intelligent sensors connected to the remote measurement and monitoring device can be directly polled via LAN / WAN.


The innovative "Server Room Protection“ packed can also be expanded upon request. If you require additional IP-capable sensors for the remote safety monitoring of your company-critical rooms, simply connect the optionally available sensor expansion box. Each box has 8 ports for Didactum's intelligent IP-sensors. Intensify your monitoring and protect your valuable infrastructure against unscheduled downtime. Rely on Didactum`s proven remote infrastructure monitoring solutions.


System 100 IT Basic Protection


Monitoring System 100 III – networked monitoring system for wiring closets and server room environments. The advanced Monitoring System 100 II is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems. This monitoring appliance is designed and manufactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum SNMP-enabled monitoring devices are located in Germany.


from 409,00 Euro*