Monitoring System 100 IV DC

Networked monitoring system 100 IV DC from manufacturer Didactum® with DC power supply to protect your 48V DC infrastructure.


Monitoring System 100 IV DC

The monitoring system 100 IV DC of the manufacturer Didactum® is a cross-sector applicable measuring and alarm unit for the remote monitoring of buildings, technical rooms, telecom base stations (BTS), energy supply and production facilities. Switchgear, network and server cabinets can also be monitored and controlled on 365 days a year with this remote monitoring system.


I / O contacts on the back of the device support a field-proven TCP / IP integration of existing industrial machines. The monitoring system is manufactured in the E.U.


Monitoring of 24V to 48V DC infrastructure

This remote monitor is equipped with an internal DC power supply for monitoring 24V to 48V DC environments. On request, 19-inch rack mount kit or a DIN rail mounting kit is available. It is important to mention that this remote monitor works without dependencies on additional hardware or software.


This 48V DC powered remote monitor supports the SNMPv1 / v2c / v3 protocols and can be integrated into SNMP-compliant building, automation and network monitoring software. SNMP MIB files can be loaded directly from the multilingual web interface. Plugins for Nagios and Nagios forks are included.


Smart sensors for customized infrastructure monitoring

The main unit has 4 ports for smart IP sensors. These sensor ports can be extended on request. Monitor important physical environmental factors such as temperature, humidity or air flow. Protect important spaces from risks, such as heat, smoke, dew-point formation, water damage, power failure, unauthorized access, sabotage, burglary or theft. For this purpose, the manufacturer Didactum provides a wide range of IP-capable sensors. Every sensor is equipped with an OID for the direct query of measurement data.


Individual alerts when risks and hazardous threats occur

Each sensor connected to the IP based remote monitoring system can be set up individually. Access the multilingual web interface of the remote monitoring unit via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. For example, up to 5 different thresholds and alarm values ​​can be stored for the intelligent temp sensor. If the required temperature is fallen below or exceeded, the responsible facility managers and technicians will be notified at an early stage by E-mail, SMS (via GSM modem or Web to SMS server).


At the same time, the monitoring system can transfer the measured data to SNMP compatible building or network management software. Critical events such as heat, climate failure, dew point formation, cable fire, penetrating water, UPS emergency power, etc., are transmitted via SNMP traps to the central office or main control room. By relay switching, this IP driven remote monitor can also switch on sirens or forward notifications to the building monitoring solution or burglar alarm system. The status messages and measurement data are stored in the SYSLOG and can be sent via e-mail or FTP upload at regular intervals to the headquarters.


Flexible expansion of the IP-driven remote environmental monitoring device

The Monitoring System 100 IV DC provides a flexible hardware architecture, making this device extensible. With the support of optional sensor expansion boxes and units for the TCP / IP network integration of dry contacts, this remote monitor will meet future requirements.


Value adds of the DC powered remote monitoring system

In addition to the measurement data acquisition of important physical environmental parameters, the monitoring of voltage and the monitoring of security, this LAN enabled remote measurement and alarm device offers other useful features. The floor plan of the infrastructure can easily be uploaded into the remote monitoring device. A critical sensor status will be shown right in the alarm map. The built-in PING function informs you about  occuring network problems. With the support of virtual sensors, existing SNMP enabled devices can be integrated into the monitoring device. Directly in the web interface, you can let display the measured sensor data graphically.


For trend analyzes, verifications, reports, checklists, etc., the measurement data can be exported from the remote environmental monitoring system and processed with Microsoft Excel. The device also supports USB and IP video cameras. As part of the Didactum® Lifetime Support, customers will receive free microcode firmware updates.


Monitoring System 100 IV DC


The new Monitoring System 100 IV DC is an Ethernet-enabled solution for the monitoring of telecommunication and energy supply systems. This monitoring system also serves the holistic monitoring of existing machinery infrastructure and industrial plants. The unit is equipped with an internal DC 24-48V DC power supply. With the optionally available DIN rail adapter, this IP based remote measuring and monitoring device can also be mounted on a DIN rail.


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Monitoring System 100 IV


The network-based Monitoring System 100 IV is very versatile. Thanks to the extensive range of the analog sensors, you can equip this LAN-based monitoring device with individual sensors. Each analog sensor is equipped with its own OID (Object Identifier). The 3rd generation of Monitoring Systems 100 is equipped with CAN Bus port. CAN (Controller Area Network) is an industrial bus standard. Here you can attach the optional Sensor Expansion Unit or addtional CAN sensors. Up to 32 sensors can be controlled in realtime by a single Monitoring System 100 III. The total length of CAN bus can be up to 225 meters (738 ft). All of the Monitoring System 100 IV connected sensors can directly queried (polled) using SNMP commands via TCP/IP network or Internet.


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