Monitoring System 500 II DC

With the IP network-based Monitoring System 500 II DC you get a proven solution for remote monitoring of critical environmental conditions in important 48V DC infrastructure.


The Monitoring System 500 II DC of the manufacturer Didactum

This remote monitoring unit is equipped with an internal 48V DC power supply. It offers 2 inputs for DC current. A built-in temperature sensor measures the housing temperature of this IP-driven remote monitoring device. The built-in DC voltage sensor monitors the input of DC current.


Measure and control in your infrastructure important environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity (RH) or air circulation. In addition, you can use the 500 II DC remote monitoring and security device to prevent catastrophic events such as fire or water damage. Here, the manufacturer Didactum offers an extensive assortment of IP-based sensors.


IP-network remote monitoring of your infrastructure

Equip your environment and safety monitoring device with individually selectable intelligent sensors. A fixed component of the 500 II DC remote monitoring unit is Didactum`s IP-capable temp sensor. This temperature sensor is wired and suitable for the use in 48V energy and data center infrastructure. This sensor has a range of -40 ° to + 100 ° Сelsius. The temp sensor has a deviation of +/- 0.4 ° C.


Here, you can use the offset function of your networked monitoring unit to recalibrate this IP-capable sensor. Energy and transformer stations can also be equipped with the proven IP-sensors from manufacturer Didactum. With the support of Didactum`s autoidentification feature, all intelligent sensors are automatically detected by the network-driven remote monitoring device and displayed in the multilingual web interface.


Here, you can select sensor limits and threshold values. In addition, you can name any sensor according to your specifications. If the connection between the sensors and the Ethernet-based monitoring system may be lost, you can receive an disconnect alert immediately. The Didactum Monitoring System 500 II DC offers integrated mapping functions. On request, critical status messages of the sensors are displayed flashing.


This allows you to respond faster to possible risks in your mission critical infrastructure.


Immediate notification when risks and threats occur

The 500 II DC Monitoring System has been specially developed for remote monitoring of important 48V DC infrastructure. Get notifications via e-mail or SMS (via optional GPRS / GSM modem) in case of status changes or critical events. 


The content of the notification can be customized by integrated macro functions. The monitoring system 500 II is fully SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) compatible. In addition to the SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c protocol, the encrypted SNMPv3 protocol is also supported by this IP-network monitoring unit.


This networked device also provides support for SNMP Set, SNMP Get, and SNMP Walk commands. SNMP MIB files and plugins for Nagios and Nagios Forks are included.


Dry Contact Monitoring over IP network

Provide your proven 500 II DC monitoring unit with the optional expansion board and receive 8 additional inputs for digital / dry contacts. Monitor important assets and systems over your existing TCP / IP network. Alarm messages of the dry contacts are reported by e-mail, SMS (GPRS GSM modem required) and SNMP traps from this IP-network driven remote monitoring unit.


The syslog can be automatically sent to the headquarter. The two built-in bistable relays support the manual or the sensor enabled switching of connected devices. By use of SNMP command, the relays can also be switched remotely over your IP-network.


Get interesting actuator functions as part of your hollistic infrastructure monitoring.


Expand of your infrastructure monitoring

If the 8 connections for the Didactum`s IP-capable sensors are not sufficient, simply connect optional sensor boxes to your infrastructure monitoring device. Each of these boxes offers the possibility to connect 8 additional intelligent sensors. The box can be located up to 305 meters away from the 500 II DC monitoring unit, so you can also monitor larger technology and data center infrastructure.


On request, optional expansion boxes for digital / dry contacts can also be connected. Each of these boxes can be equipped with 32 or 64 inputs for potential-free dry contacts.


Monitoring System 500 II DC


Didactum`s Monitoring System 500-DC is specifically designed for the remote monitoring of energy and telecommunication infrastructure. This user friendly remote environmental and security monitoring device is equipped with an internal 24 - 48V DC power supply. The Monitoring System 500 II DC solution works as a completely stand-alone device. No additional software installation or hardware is required. 


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