Bundle "Rack Monitor"

With this "Rack Monitor" set, administrators and IT managers get a tried-and-tested solution for permanent monitoring of the company's important 19-inch server rack.


The applications of the Bundle "Rack Monitor"

Connect the included temperature and humidity sensor with the networked Rack-Monitoring-System 100 III. Then connect the magnetic door control sensor to the I/O contacts of the unit. The powerful siren, including LED flash light, is easily connected to one of the two 12VDC outputs of the rack monitoring device. After you have installed the IP-based cabinet monitoring unit and the sensors in your IT rack, log on to the integrated web server via a browser. The setup wizard guides you through all important settings (network address, SNMP settings, etc.). Didactum`s IP-capable sensors can be customized.


In the multilingual web GUI of this rack monitoring device, an individual name can be given for each IP sensor (e.g., temperature IT-Rack No.1, humidity server cabinet, etc.). In terms of temperature and humidity control in the server rack, lower and upper warning thresholds can be easily defined. The configuration of the magnetic contact sensor is also very simple: Here you define the normal state of the rack door.


The Rack-Monitoring-System 100 III from manufacturer Didactum provides notifications and alerts like:


  • E-mail alert to up to 8 different E-mail recipients
  • SMS * alert (* via optional GPRS / GSM modem or 3rd party e-mail to SMS gateway)
  • SNMP traps to monitoring software or Network-Management-Systems (CA Unicenter, HP OpenView, Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix, etc.).
  • Alarm of the siren including LED flash light signals


The logic functions of Didactum`s rack monitor support a variety of automatic actions. Determine how to be notified in case of over-temperature or heat in the 19“ server cabinet. Be informed immediately by e-mail and SMS * when your sensitive server rack is accessed. If the humidity is out of control, this rack monitor will alert you at an early stage about imminent static discharge or dew point formation.


The environmental data, measured by the temperature and humidity sensor in real-time, is stored in the data logger of Didactum`s IP-based remote rack monitoring unit. For control purposes, the measurement data can be downloaded from this IP data logger and opened with MS Excel. Thanks to it`s full SNMP support (SNMPv1 & v2c & v3), the measurement data can be queried worldwide with data software (including RRDtool, Cacti, MRTG) and Network-Monitoring-Software (NMS). Ideal for remote monitoring of branches and co-locations.


The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems can also be integrated into the 7/24/365 remote monitoring of this advanced rack monitor. For this purpose, connect the fault signaling contacts / relays of the air conditioning system via two-wire cable to the dry contact / digital inputs of Didactum`s 100 III Rack-Monitoring-System. Messages from important air conditioning unit or the UPS system are immediately reported by this network enabled rack monitor device to technicians, administrators and IT managers. Ensure that a failure of your cooling system will not strike your mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Upon request, this proven SNMP-enabled remote rack-monitor from manufacturer Didactum can also be expanded. If all sensors ports are occupied, simply connect an optional sensor box to your Rack-Monitorig-System 100 III. Each sensor box offers 8 connections for additional intelligent sensors. Expand your IT infrastructure monitoring with important sensors such as smoke detectors, gas detectors, motion detectors, vibration detectors, glass breakage detectors, water leakage detectors and also power monitoring sensors. With Didactum`s Rack Monitoring System 100 III, you can measure and monitor more than 32 different sensors in real time.


This IP networked 100 III rack monitor can be equipped with an optional USB video camera including night vision function. Get a low-cost solution for video surveillance of your critical computer or server room. If your business-critical server room is entered or the door of your sensitive server rack is opened, this remote rack monitoring unit will send you and your colleagues the proof video by e-mail or SMS *.


System 100 Bundle Rackmonitoring


The network-based Monitoring System 100 III is very versatile. Thanks to the extensive range of the analog sensors, you can equip this LAN-based monitoring device with individual sensors. Each analog sensor is equipped with its own OID (Object Identifier). The 3rd generation of Monitoring Systems 100 is equipped with CAN Bus port. CAN (Controller Area Network) is an industrial bus standard.


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