Didactum Monitoring System 700

The Monitoring System 700 has been specifically designed to protect server room and data center environments. With this monitoring system, risks and dangers can be detected around-the-clock and reliably reported to the responsible administrators and technicians. At the same time, the IP-capable monitoring system 700 can be integrated into SNMP-compatible SCADA and (network) monitoring software. The optionally available 4G LTE modem supports high-performance LTE high-speed Internet connection of this remote monitoring unit.




  • The Monitoring System 700 offers the user an integrated web server with a multilingual user interface.
  • Access to the device is easily done via web browser from PC, tablet, notebook or smartphone.
  • A built-in setup wizard guides the user through the most important settings (language selection, network, time server, SNMP community, user rights, etc.).
  • Up to 8 intelligent IP capable sensors can be connected directly to the front of the monitoring system.
  • By simply connecting sensor expansion boxes, the room monitoring can be expanded to over 200 sensors.
  • This way, even large server room and data center infrastructures can be monitored.

Sensor monitoring of the server room and data center in real time

The sensor installation of Didactum's intelligent sensors takes place via "plug and play". The sensor is automatically detected by the monitoring system and shown immediately in the Web interface. For each connected sensor an individual name (eg temperature sensor server cabinet 1) can be assigned. Up to five different limits and warning thresholds ​​can be assigned to each sensor (low alarm level / low warning level / normal / high warning level / high alarm level). Thereafter, the required notifications and alarm messages are defined. In the built-in alarm card of the 700 monitoring unit, the critical sensor readings can even be displayed flashing. You and your colleagues can react even more quickly when risks and dangers arise.

IP based remote switching of dry contacts

Many systems, machines and devices are equipped with digital / floating contacts. With a switching signal, important operating conditions, such as a failure of the air conditioner can be signaled. The web-enabled remote monitoring system 700 is connected by a two-wire cable with such a dry contact switching contact. The detected switching signals of the dry contacts are forwarded by the Monitoring System 700 in the form of SNMP trap, e-mail and / or SMS. At the same time, this IP-based monitoring system can also switch digital / dry contact outputs when switching signals are detected. This can be done manually or rule-based. The switching of the dry contact switching output is also possible in interaction with the connected sensors. Integrate the switching signals into SCADA or building automation software using the popular SNMP standard (Simple Network Management Protocol). All events relating to the monitoring of dry contacts / digital contacts are stored in the syslog database including the date and time.

Built-in logics for ale and automatic actions

With the support of the integrated macro functions, the content of the e-mail and / or SMS alarms can be customized. Integrated hysteresis, trigger and timer functions allow finetuning of notifications and alerts. The Monitoring System 700 is equipped with 2 built-in 12VDC outputs and 2 bistable, latching relays, so that the alarm message can also be issued by siren with integrated flash lights. At the same time, pumps, fans or lighting can be switched on.

Monitoring System 700


The IP based Monitoring System 700 represents the technological top product of the manufacturer Didactum. Contract manufacturing takes place within the EU. Before delivery to the customer, each Monitoring System 700 is put through its paces for full 7 days. Monitoring System 700 is a complete solution to protect your mission critical infrastructure. This remote monitoring unit combines environmental monitoring with security monitoring, video monitoring,  power monitoring and I / O dry contact monitoring. The 700 remote monitoring unit is a stand alone monitoring solution. You do not have to install software on your PC or server. Simply access the multilingual web interface with the web browser of your laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. An integrated setup wizard guides you through the main settings of this IP driven remote monitoring device.


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Didactum Monitoring System 500 II With Didactum`s Monitoring System 500 II you get a proven Monitoring solution to protect your mission-critical facilities and sites. This device is applicable across sectors and suitable for Monitoring of sensitive IT infrastructure (server room / data center), as well as for production areas and technical rooms.


The Didactum monitoring system 500 II is a stand-alone monitoring device. Thanks to its full SNMP support, this monitoring system can be used with SNMP tools and Network Management Systems (NMS) such as Nagios or OpenNMS and many more. This IT monitoring device has a built-in Web server for easy configuration. It supports standard network protocols such as CAN, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, and Syslog. State changes, operating problems and critical events are reported immediately by e-mail, FTP, Syslog or SNMP. If you order the optional Quad band GSM modem (item No. 14025), this high-end monitoring system can also send critical events and alarms via SMS directly to your mobile phone. This is recommended for example in case of malfunction or failure of your network connections. Including Sensor Temperature!





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