Switched PDU 700

Didactum designed this SNMP-enabled Switched PDU 700 with 4 switched outlets to switch off / on or to reboot critical servers or IT equipment.


Working of the Switched PDU 700

If business-critical servers or storage systems can no longer be accessed, you can use this 19-inch Switched PDU 700 to switch the power on and off. The PDU 700 is SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 compatible. MIB files and Nagios plugins are included. Customers have integrated the Switched PDU 700 in HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix, and many more. The easy-to-use, multilingual web interface supports a fast installation and configuration of this PDU. Just access the Switched PDU 700 with your web browser. Turn each of the 4 sockets on or off manually. All sockets can also be switched as a group.


The Switched PDU 700 has 2 sensor ports so it can be equipped with IP-capable sensors for remote environmental and safety monitoring. The precise IP sensor temperature is already included in the delivery so that you can start immediately with the measurement and monitoring of the important environmental factor temperature. This IP-based temp sensor measures in the range of -40 up to +100 degrees Celsius. The deviation is +/- 0.4 degrees Celsius. On the second sensor port of the PDU 700, you can connect an additional sensor for the networked remote server room or server cabinet monitoring.


An sensor expansion unit can be also connected to the CAN bus port of SNMP-enabled Switched PDU 700. Each sensor expansion unit offers 8 ports for the intelligent IP-based sensors from manufacturer Didactum. Water sensors, water sensor cables, smoke detectors, magnetic contact sensors, air flow sensors and many more are available. Equip your Switched PDU 700 with individual sensors for the 24x7 protection of your mission-critical infrastructure.


The IP-based Switched PDU 700 provides the administrator with an integrated logic for the creation of automatic actions and alerts. Critical temperature, critical humidity, leaking water, smoke and fire, or unauthorized access are reported via E-mail, via SMS (* via optional GSM modem) and also via SNMP traps. If the temperature in your 19-inch IT rack is too high caused by a failure of the air conditioner, the Switched PDU 700 will interrupt the power supply of your heat sensitive server and storage systems.

If the Didactum water sensor detects water leakage caused by the air conditioning unit, the Switched PDU 700 can also interrupt the power immediately.  At the same time, the technicians, administrators and IT managers can send notifications and alerts via e-mail, SMS* or SNMP traps to DCIM software and Network-Management-Systems (NMS). The scenarios supported by Didactum`s Switched PDU 700 are comprehensive.


Switched PDU 700


This SNMPv1-, SNMPv2c- and SNMPv3- compatible PDU (power distribution unit) is used for remote on/off switching of server and network equipment in racks and server cabinets. The PDU 700 has in total 4 switched outlets, which can be controlled individually or as a group. In it`s multilingual webGUI you can manage this PDU manually or with predefined logics. Individual or all outlets can be also switched with the optional available internal GPRS- / GSM- modem. In case of network problems, you can easily can send remote power on/off commands via SMS.


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