Monitoring System 50

The Monitoring System 50 of the manufacturer Didactum provides a IP-based round-the-clock control of sensitive infrastructure such as server room, data center, production and logistics.


The Monitoring System 50 of the manufacturer Didactum

This monitoring device operates stand-alone. Additional client software or remote monitoring agents are not required. If desired, this networked monitoring unit can be integrated into SNMP monitoring tools and Network Management Systems (NMS). This full SNMPv1 / v2c / v3 compatible remote monitoring unit is equipped with an onboard temperature sensor for self-protection.


The operation of the multilingual web interface is easy. A built-in setup assistant guides the user through the most important settings. The comprehensive sensor product range of the manufacturer Didactum supports a demand-exact selection of intelligent sensors for the Ethernet-based remote monitoring of important physical environmental conditions.


The precise temperature sensor is already part of the Monitoring System 50, so you get a IP-thermometer. This sensor measures temperatures in the range of - 40 ° C to + 100 ° Celsius. The accuracy is +/- 0.4 ° C. All intelligent sensors are connected to the networked Monitoring System 50 via RJ-11 / RJ-12 connectors.

Plug and play so to speak. By auto-identification, each  IP sensor is automatically detected by the networked remote monitoring unit. In the menu of the integrated web server, you only have to enter the required threshold and limit values ​​for the sensors.


In the case of critical events or status changes, the Monitoring System 50 will send you e-Mail and / or SMS (via 3rd party gateway) notifications and alerts. This fully SNMP driven remote monitoring unit can also send traps to SNMP tools. Due to the network-based operation, this monitoring device is very well suited for the safety monitoring of unmanned spaces in branches.


Monitoring System 50 - buy now


The new Monitoring System 50 from the manufacturer Didactum is a networked IP thermometer and serves the round-the-clock measurement and remote monitoring of the important environmental factor temperature. Wherever critical temperatures can lead to (operational) disturbances and considerable costs, e.g. In production, storage, logistics, engineering or server room infrastructure, this network-enabled measurement and monitoring unit is used.


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Monitoring System 100 III - buy now


The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.


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