Bundle „Temp and Humidity Monitoring“

This set is suitable to measure and monitor the important environmental conditions temperature and relative humidity (RH).


The applications of the Bundle "Temp / Humidity Monitoring“

Didactum`s bundle consists of the IP-based remote Monitoring System 50, a IP-capable sensor temperature and a IP-capable humidity (RH) sensor. The temperature sensor, equipped with an SNMP OID, covers a temperature range of -40 degrees to +100 degrees Celsius. A 2 meter long RJ-11 cable and mounting material (screw, mounting tape) are included. On request you can expand this temp sensor with inexpensive RJ-11 telephone cable up to 100 meters away from this network enabled remote measuring and monitoring device. The included humidity sensor covers a measuring range of 0 to 100 percent humidity (RH). This sensor can be extended up to 50 meters away from Didactum`s remote measurement & monitoring unit.


The installation and setup of this IP-driven remote measurement and monitoring unit is completed within minutes. After you have logged on to the web server of the Monitoring System 50, a built-in assistant will guide you through all important network settings. If you are using a SNMP compatible monitoring software solution, set the desired SNMP protocol and the SNMP community on the multilingual user interface of this networked monitoring device. Didactum`s Monitoring System 50 send SNMP traps to multiple SNMP destinations and monitoring agents.


Because this remote monitoring unit supports the SNMP protocols v1, v2c, and v3 (encrypted), a wide spectrum of monitoring tools, DCIM software solutions and Network Management Systems (including Nagios, OpenNMS, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix) are supported. Nagios plugins are included. Download the SNMP MIB file directly from the multilingual web interface of this remote monitoring unit. Nagios & Co. can control this Monitoring System 50, including the IP-capable temperature and humidity sensors, and directly query the environmental data via SNMP polling. Although this environmental monitoring device provides full SNMP v1, SNMP v2c, and SNMP v3 compatibility, it operates stand-alone upon request. The temperature and humidity values measured in real-time are stored in the built-in data logger. Use a USB memory stick to enlarge the capacity of this IP data logger. The collected temp and humidity data can be graphically displayed directly in the HTML5 enabled web server. You can easily export the temperature and humidity values as a XML- or CSV- file from this web-enabled remote measuring device.


In the multilingual web GUI of the Didactum Monitoring System 50, you can enter up to 5 individual thresholds for the IP-capable sensors (very low / low critical / normal / high warning / alarm).


In the integrated logics, you define the notifications and alerts. In addition to e-mail alerting to up to 8 different e-mail recipients, this remote monitoring device supports SNMP traps to Building and Network Management Systems. Optionally you can also receive SMS alarms directly on your mobile phone. For this purpose, please contact your mobile phone provider for a e-mail to SMS gateway.


Bundle Temperature and Humidity


The new Monitoring System 50 from the manufacturer Didactum is a networked IP thermometer and serves the round-the-clock measurement and remote monitoring of the important environmental factor temperature. Wherever critical temperatures can lead to (operational) disturbances and considerable costs, e.g. In production, storage, logistics, engineering or server room infrastructure, this network-enabled measurement and monitoring unit is used.


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