Monitoring System 100 IV

Didactum`s 100 IV Monitoring System is an Ethernet enabled solution to protect business rooms and facilities. 


The Monitoring System 100 IV of the manufacturer Didactum

Like all networked monitoring units from manufacturer Didactum, this device also works independently. Dependencies of software do not exist. With it`s full SNMPv1 / v2c / v3 support, this remote monitoring unit can be easily integrated into DCIM software, automation software, and network management software (NMS). SNMP MIB files and Nagios plugins are included.


A precise temperature sensor is already included with this monitoring unit. This temp sensor is equipped with an SNMP OID. It measures temperature in the range of -40 ° to + 100 ° C. Didactum`s temp sensor is automatically detected by the Monitoring System 100 IV.


Various SNMP-enabled sensors

Up to 4 sensors can be connected to the base unit of the monitoring unit 100 IV. Other important sensors for the basic protection of sensitive infrastructure are the humidity sensor, the water leakage sensor, and also the smoke detector. In addition to sensors for physical environmental monitoring, the network enabled remote monitoring system 100 IV can equipped with current voltage sensors and with sensors for remote safety monitoring.


Sensor Box for additional sensors

With the support of sensor boxes, this Ethernet based remote monitoring device can be easily expanded. Up to 8 additional sensors can be fitted to each sensor box via plug and play. Provide your networked environmental and security remote monitoring unit with over 32 different sensors.


I / O contacts to enhance your infrastructure monitoring

The Monitoring System 100 III provides 4 inputs for the network connection of relays and dry contacts. 2 outputs support the connection of sirens or the forwarding of important messages (for example water damage) to the building surveillance or alert systems.


Temperature control with e-mail, SMS and SNMP notification

Log into the 100 IV Monitoring System with your web browser and enter individual warning and alarm values ​​as part of continuous temperature monitoring.


If desired, you can also use the mouse to set up the required temperature threshold values. Then you determine how to be notified and alerted when e.g. the temperature in your warehouse or computer room is too high. The logic of this SNMP driven unit supports e-mail notifications to up to 8 different recipients.


In addition, the critical room temperature can be reported directly to the employees' mobile phones via SMS. The SMS alert can be sent via the optionally available GSM modem or via e-mail to SMS gateway. Thanks to the built-in macro functions, the content of the alert can be adapted to individual requirements.


If you use an SNMP tool or an NMS solution (including Nagios, OpenNMS, PRTG, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix), critical events (smoldering, water leak, power failure, etc.) or physical state changes (over temperature, static charge, condensation, etc.) via SNMP Traps. The measured value of each intelligent sensor connected to the remote monitoring device, can be easily queried via LAN / WAN with standard SNMP commands. Monitor important rooms and facilities in remote locations.


Checklists and reports

As part of temperature monitoring, checklists and reports may also be required. With Didactum's proven Monitoring System 100 IV it`s no problem. Simply export the measured sensor data from the IP-driven remote monitoring device and edit it easily with Microsoft Excel.


Monitoring System 100 IV


The network-based Monitoring System 100 IV is very versatile. Thanks to the extensive range of the analog sensors, you can equip this LAN-based monitoring device with individual sensors. Each analog sensor is equipped with its own OID (Object Identifier). The 3rd generation of Monitoring Systems 100 is equipped with CAN Bus port. CAN (Controller Area Network) is an industrial bus standard. Here you can attach the optional Sensor Expansion Unit or addtional CAN sensors. Up to 32 sensors can be controlled in realtime by a single Monitoring System 100 III. The total length of CAN bus can be up to 225 meters (738 ft). All of the Monitoring System 100 IV connected sensors can directly queried (polled) using SNMP commands via TCP/IP network or Internet.


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Didactum Monitoring System 500 II With Didactum`s Monitoring System 500 II you get a proven Monitoring solution to protect your mission-critical facilities and sites. This device is applicable across sectors and suitable for Monitoring of sensitive IT infrastructure (server room / data center), as well as for production areas and technical rooms.


The Didactum monitoring system 500 II is a stand-alone monitoring device. Thanks to its full SNMP support, this monitoring system can be used with SNMP tools and Network Management Systems (NMS) such as Nagios or OpenNMS and many more. This IT monitoring device has a built-in Web server for easy configuration. It supports standard network protocols such as CAN, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, and Syslog. State changes, operating problems and critical events are reported immediately by e-mail, FTP, Syslog or SNMP. If you order the optional Quad band GSM modem (item No. 14025), this high-end monitoring system can also send critical events and alarms via SMS directly to your mobile phone. This is recommended for example in case of malfunction or failure of your network connections. Including Sensor Temperature!





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