AKCess Pro Thermocouple Sensor

The Thermocouple sensor has been specifically designed for temperature sensing in the industry. He will, among other things used in the refrigeration industry, petrochemical industry and also in the metal processing / steel industry.

Thermocouple Sensor from AKCP

In conjunction with the securityProbe you can now perform temperature measurements over the network or the Internet.

Let also proactively alert you as soon as different temperature values.

Purpose AKCP Thermocouple Sensor

  • Monitoring refrigerating systems
  • Monitoring production equipment metal industry (foundry)
  • Temperature monitoring of chemical plants
  • Research and laboratory facilities

Transmission of temperature readings for network monitoring

Since the AKCP Thermocouple sensor is equipped with an OID, you can use the readings in addition to network management systems / system monitoring solutions such as Nagios integration.

Auto Sense feature and disconnect alarm

The AKCP Thermocouple sensor is compatible with the securityProbe series. Thanks to the Auto Sense function of AKCP Thermocouple sensor is detected immediately and begins measuring the temperature.

The Disconnect function AKCP immediately alerted when the Thermocouple sensor is no longer associated with the securityProbe.

AKCP Thermocouple Sensor


With the AKCP securityProbes autosense function the sensor is automatically detected and configured when plugged in. Setup is quick and easy, with the user only needing to setup the thresholds required for high and low warning/critical levels and any notifications required.


from 136,80 Euro*


Monitoring System 100 III - buy now


The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.


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  • Plugs directly into the AKCP / AKCess Pro J or K type thermocouple adapter
  • RJ-45 connection for easy and simple installation
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Power source: powered by the sensorProbe. No Additional power needed.
  • Power Consumption: Typical 7.80 mWatt, 1.56mA