AC-Voltage Detector

The AC voltage detector indicates the presence or absence of line voltage. For example to alarm the user when the UPS is running on battery power.

AKCess Pro AC-Voltage Detector

The AC Voltage Detector indicates ALARM/NORMAL condition in software and also via an LED mounted on the sensor. There is an SNMP interface for getting the alarm/normal status.

SNMP traps are sent when critical power conditions occur. SNMP polling via 'get' is available to retrieve existing status and configuration parameters. The Web browser interface of sensorProbe2/8 or securityProbe is also available to display the status and configuration parameters.

Compatibility of the sensor

The AC Voltage Sensor / AC sensor is compatible with the sensor and securityProbe monitoring equipment from AKCP.

The sensor labeled AC is connected via RJ-45 connector to the sensor port of AKCP Remote Security Devices.

Embed AC sensor in network monitoring solutions

The alternating current sensor is equipped with an OID, so that the status via SNMP query can be determined.

Ideal for companies with central IT monitoring. Optional integration with system monitoring / network monitoring is possible.

Auto Sense function for fast commissioning of the voltage sensor

The AC Voltage Monitoring sensor has a so-called car Sense function. This allows the automatic identification by the network-based sensor and securityProbe IT monitoring hardware.

In the Web interface you just have to define the required alarms.

AKCP AC Voltage Sensor


The AC Voltage Detector is used to indicate the presence or absence of line voltage. This is useful, for example to tell when the UPS is running on battery power.


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The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.


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  • Sensor type - open/closed contact switch
  • Measurement range - Detects voltage at 50V AC to 250 VAC
  • Measurement Indication - Alarm or Normal
  • Measurement rate - multiple readings every second
  • Communications cable - RJ45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire.
  • Power source: powered by the AKCP monitoring device. No additional power needed.
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Up to 2 voltage detectors per sensorProbe or securityProbe.