AKCess Pro Smoke Detector

The AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe monitoring devices could be integrated with the Smoke detector. The AKCP Smoke detector is easy to install and configure. The smoke detector has be mounted on the ceiling for maximum smoke detection.

AKCP Smoke Detector

Specifications and Features:

  • Sensor type - open/closed contact switch
  • On/Off alarm signal of smoke detected
  • LED indicates the status of Smoke Detector
  • 2 LEDs indicate the status of Airflow
  • Power source: powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed.
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm

Compatibility of the smoke detector

The AKCP Smoke Detector is compatible with the sensor and securityProbe alarm hardware AKCP. The connection is made by RJ-45 connector at the free sensor port.

So that you do not lose the overview with large installations of AKCP is characterized smoke detectors. A fire in the server room or data center can have disastrous consequences.

A fire in the server room or data center has to be recognized early in the development phase. The AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe ECUs can be equipped with the sensor smoke (AK-SK00), thus a possible smoldering / cable fire does not end in a fire disaster. The alarm activation of AKCP smoke sensor can of course forwarded to network monitoring systems / system monitoring.

Optional connection via 2-pole potential-free contact

The AKCP Smoke Detector (AK-SK00) can optionally be ansgeschlossen also via potential-free connection cable to the Dry Contact monitoring appliances sensorProbe8-X20, sensorProbe8-X60, X20-securityProbe and securityProbe-X60.

So you can connect a wide range of AKCP smoke alarms. Ideal for early fire detection / fire detection in large areas / centers.

Disconnect function of AKCP smoke detector

The AKCP Smoke Detector (AK-SK00) is equipped with a so-called. Disconnect function. If the connection of the smoke detector be interrupted to the AKCP monitoring device, a disconnect alarm is triggered automatically.

AKCP Smoke Detector


Monitoring of developing smoke is an essential aspect in the security and safety of any facility. AKCP has designed a smoke detector specifically for use with its sensorProbe and securityProbe monitoring systems. These smoke detectors are easy to install and configure and can be used in conjunction with all other of AKCP´s alerting features.


from 125,00 Euro*


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The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.


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  • Accurate, cost effective Smoke Detector
  • On/Off alarm signal of Smoke Detected
  • LED indicates the status of Smoke Detector
  • Low profile design for ceiling mounting for maximum smoke detection.
  • Sensor type – open/closed contact switch
  • Includes disconnect alarm that checks that the sensor is securely plugged into the AKCP sensorProbe / securityProbe monitoring system
  • The smoke detector can also be attached to dry contacts of a X20 or X60 unit.
  • With 9V battery as backup the AKCP sensorProbe / securityProbe will still work as a smoke detector on its own
  • Can extended up to 30 Meters with Cat5-Cable