Adaptor for securityProbe-5E alarm signal device

The IO-Digital8 Adapter (IODC8) of our partner AKCP Inc. was developed for the monitoring of 8 dry contact / opto relays with network-based securityProbe 5E.

IODC8 adaptor from AKCP:

The IO-Digital8 Adapter (IODC8) is connected to one of the RJ-45 sensor ports of the securityProbe-5E and displayed in the web interface.

Thus, alarm / normal status of potential free input and output contacts, such as UPS batteries, emergency power systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning via e-mail alert, SMS alert, alarm from the phone securityProbe-5E to the reliably competent security staff forwarded. An overview of the possible alerting and notification methods for floating contacts / opt. Relays are shown here.

Technical data of IODC8 Sensors

  • Measurement range - Alarm or Normal
  • Communications cable - RJ45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire, Maximum extension cable length 305m (1000 ft.) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP
  • Sensor type - open/closed or cycles contact switches
  • Input voltage range. 0 to 5 volts on each of the 8 dry contacts
  • Normal input voltage is settable under software on each of the 8 dry contacts
  • Normally open, normally closed is settable under software on each of the 8 dry contacts
  • Current Range. Can sink up to 20 mAmps on each of the 8 dry contacts
  • Connect up to 8 IO-digital8 sensors per each securityProbe 5E main unit and E-sensor8 expansion
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm

Didactum® Tip:

Do you want only messages from dry contact input / relay over the network remote control, you can alternatively use the e-opto16 for securityProbe 5E alarm server. The AKCP E-opto16 module offers monitoring of up to 16 dry contact and, if desired, the modules can be cascaded.

AKCP IO-Digital8


AKCP IO-digital8 sensor with 8 ALARM / NORMAL indication in the web interface of the AKCP securityProbe. Can have 8 dry contacts on one Intelligent Sensor port.


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