E-sensor8 expansion unit for securityProbe 5E alarm server

The E-sensor8 expansion unit is designed for the new securityProbe 5E remote monitoring appliances. With it`s eight RJ45 sensor ports, you can increase the number connected sensors - ideal for security monitoring of large infrastructures such as data centers or telecommunication centers.

AKCess Pro E-sensor8 Expansion Modul

The securityProbe-5E and the optional e-sensor8 expansion modules you get a flexible remote-monitoring solution. When your existing sensor ports are fully occupied, simply attach a E-sensor8 expansion module.

Dry Contacts of critical IT components such as UPS, fire alarm or emergency diesel can be monitored with the optional E-opto16 extension module.

Extension of your security monitoring

In the basic version, the new securityProbe5E provides eight RJ45 ports for AKCP environmental sensors. Especially customers with large data centers / facilities will need a significantly higher number of sensors for IT security monitoring. Here you can attach the E-sensor8 expansion unit, which is simply attach to the the expansion ports on the securityProbe-5E via CAT-5 cable. If the 4 free expansion slots have already been assigned, the individual expansion units can be chained with each other.

The length of CAT-5 cable between the expansion units could be up to 300 meters. Up to 600 (!) Sensors could be monitoring with a single securityProbe-5E alarm server and a corresponding number of optional E-sensor8 expansion modules.

AKCP E-sensor8


The E-sensor 8 is compatible with the complete range of AKCP’s intelligent sensors giving you a flexible way of expanding the AKCP securityProbe 5E monitoring system.


from 300,00 Euro*