4-20 mAmp Sensor

The 4-20 mAmp signal converter is used to integrate the sensorProbe with a 4-20 mAmp transmitter

4-20 mAmp Sensor

AKCP intelligent sensors

The AKCP 4-20 mAmp signal converter is used for integration of the AKCP sensorProbe and AKCP securityProbe remote security devices with a 4-20 mAmp transmitter. The 4-20 mAmp technology is used to transmit analog signals over long distances in enviroments with electrical interference.

The process control industry uses this technology to collect the analog values from remote sensors because current signals are much less susceptible to noise than voltage signals. A voltage signal can be converted to current and then broadcast over a long distance before it is converted back to voltage and read by the AKCP sensorProbe or AKCP securityProbe device. For compatitibilty issues of AKCP intelligent sensors visit this page.

Individual adjustment of measurement units in the web interface

In the Web interface of the sensorProbe and securityProbe IP Meters You can customize the settings of the signal converter 4 20mAmp / measurement converter indivuduell.

So you can rename the connected analogue sensors foreign individual and the unit, such as Celsius (C), revolutions per minute (rev / min), Pascal (Pa) registration form.

SNMP functionality of the sensor measurement converter 4-20mAmp

The sensor and securityProbe IP Alarm Server are SNMP compatible. The sensor 4-20mAmp Signal Converters / measurement converter is equipped with a so-called. "Object Identifier" (OID) and can be used in SNMP tools (MRTG, Cacti, etc.) or network management systems (OpenNMS, Nagios etc.) are involved.

The required MIB files and SNMP Utilities are included with all sensorProbe and securityProbe monitoring systems!


The installation of 4-20mAmp measurement converter is straightforward. After attaching the appropriate sensor (pressure sensor, gas sensor pp.) To the 4-20mAmp measurement converter, you just have to plug the Cat5 cable supplied to a free sensor terminal of the sensorProbe or securityProbe monitoring device.

Thanks to the Auto Sense feature, the sensor measurement converter is automatically identified and displayed in the web interface of the sensorProbe or securityProbe. You then define the desired units and limit and warning values at lower or exceeding the measured values of the devices connected to the converter sensor.

4-20 mAmp Sensor
See in this illustration as a typical sensor of another manufacturer to the 4-20mAmp measurement converter from AKCP is connected. In combination with the network-based sensor and securityProbe measuring devices you can monitor the readings around the clock.
4-20 mAmp Sensor
Configuration of devices connected to the measurement converter 4-20mAmp party sensors in the German web interface of the securityProbe 5E meter. The unit, and you see the actual and desired values can be defined individually in the web interface. Then set the desired alarm types with measurement error fixed: The securityProbe-5E provides, inter alia, Email, SMS and phone alarm and SNMP trap to your system and network monitoring program (OpenNMS, Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, others). With the help of optional at Didactum securityProbe expansion units up to 600 sensors can be connected to a single securityProbe5E!
4-20 mAmp Sensor
Here is one of the new features of the securityProbe-5E meter: captured from 4- 20mAmp measurement converter measurement values can be displayed on request in the form of a manometer. This form of presentation provides just in Leitwartenumfeld benefits. By simple mouse click you can easily switch to the analog display of the sensor measurement data. Incidentally Didactum also offers guided live demos for sample security monitoring systems. Here we present the extensive online capabilities of this high-end environment monitor. Trained staff are available for questions and answer questions.
4-20 mAmp Sensor
The securityProbe-5E offers extensive possibilities for data analysis connected to the signal converter 4-20mAmp sensor. The measured data can also be exported. Ideal for documentation of their surveillance activities.

AKCP 4-20 mAmp Sensor - buy now

The 4-20 mAmp signal converter is used to integrate the sensorProbe with a 4-20 mAmp transmitter. 4-20 mAmp technology is used to communicate analog signals over long distances where electrical interference is a problem. This solution is often used in the process control industry to collect the analog values from a wide array of remote sensors.

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Monitoring System 100 III - buy now

The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.

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  • Input Current Range: +4 mA to +20 mA
  • Output Voltage Range: +0.8 V to +4.0 V
  • Linearity: ± 0.09 % Full Scale, Maximum
  • Accuracy: ± 0.15% Full Scale (± 0.3% Full Scale, Maximum)
  • Power Supply: +5 V DC
  • Power Consumption: Typical 120.20 mWatt, 24.04mA
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Input Connector: Two terminal, Iin(+) and Iin(-), for current loop
  • Output Connector: RJ45 jack to converter using UTP Cat 5 wire
  • Mechanical Dimensions: 65(W) x 62(H) x 15(D) mm Weight: 80 grams