7x24 server room monitoring with sensorProbe8

The sensorProbe8 from our partner AKCP has 8 RJ-45 sensorPorts for remote-monitoring of critical infrastructures such as data centers, server rooms, plants or warehouses.

AKCP sensorProbe8

The sensorProbe8 remote-monitoring appliance is hardware-based, you do not need to install any additional software or agents on your critical server systems. Ideal for monitoring of heterogeneous server environments. The sensorProbe8 has an integrated Linux-based operating system, including a convenient WebServer and TCP / IP stack. Notifications such as e-mail alert, SMS (e-mail to SMS gateway required) or SNMP traps are supported by sensorProbe8.


Typical Applications of sensorProbe8:

  • Remote monitoring of infrastructures (the server room, network room, equipment rooms)
  • Continuous monitoring of the physical security
  • Alarms when threats and disaster endanger the availability of your infrastructures


Here you get the features include the sensorProbe8 (AK-SP8). Click on the image for a larger view of the connections to get the sensorProbe8.

The sensorProbe8 (SP8) has 8 ports for comprehensive monitoring of your infrastructure. A 1U 19 inch Rackmount Kit (1HE) for installation in the server rack is included. The sensorProbe8 is easy to install and use immediately. You need to install any additional software.


8 sensor ports for protection of server room and data center:

sensorProbe8 (AK-SP8) has 8 RJ-45 ports where you can connect the intelligent AKCP sensors. Measure temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke, control relays. The security of your critical IT infrastructure can be reliably monitored with sensorProbe8 and intelligent sensors. A detailed overview of AKCP`s intelligent environmental sensors can be found here.

The connection of the intelligent sensors to sensorProbe8 is straightforward: Thanks to AutoSense feature, the intelligent sensors are automatically detected and the sensorProbe8 will start monitoring. - a so called Plug n play monitoring solution. All warning states are configured in the easy to use web interface of the sensorProbe 8.


Here you see the possible sensor-combinations of AKCP`s sensorProbe8 (AK-SP8). Connect up to 8 different intelligent sensors.

You decide what you want to monitor in your data center / server room / warehouse, etc. If you use the dualSensors temperature and humidity, the number of attached sensors could be increased.

Even up to 10 AKCP motion detectors can be connected in series and they only take one sensorPort of your sensorProbe8 - so you can protect large data centers / areas from unauthorized access, non-stop.


Centralized management of all AKCP environmental monitoring appliances with the free AKCP probeManager.

You can use the AKCP sensor OID the integratet the SP2 into your NMS.


As part of AKCP-Lifetime Support, the firmware of sensorProbe8 will be updated regularly. The team of Didactum informsregularly about AKCP microcode updates.

For instructions on how to update the AKCP firmware of sensorProbe8, please see our FAQs for AKCP products.

AKCP sensorProbe8 


The AKCP sensorProbe8 monitoring device is a standalone product, with no external software to install. It’s a platform independent environmental and security monitoring device. As with other AKCP products it is fully SNMP compliant and compatible with a wide range of our intelligent sensors.


from 650,00 Euro*





Didactum Monitoring System 500 II With Didactum`s Monitoring System 500 II you get a proven Monitoring solution to protect your mission-critical facilities and sites. This device is applicable across sectors and suitable for Monitoring of sensitive IT infrastructure (server room / data center), as well as for production areas and technical rooms.


The Didactum monitoring system 500 II is a stand-alone monitoring device. Thanks to its full SNMP support, this monitoring system can be used with SNMP tools and Network Management Systems (NMS) such as Nagios or OpenNMS and many more. This IT monitoring device has a built-in Web server for easy configuration. It supports standard network protocols such as CAN, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, and Syslog. State changes, operating problems and critical events are reported immediately by e-mail, FTP, Syslog or SNMP. If you order the optional Quad band GSM modem (item No. 14025), this high-end monitoring system can also send critical events and alarms via SMS directly to your mobile phone. This is recommended for example in case of malfunction or failure of your network connections. Including Sensor Temperature!





from 498,00 Euro*

Tailor-made monitoring of key IT infrastructure

Do you want to monitor the temperature and humidity or the air flow in your server room, so you ensure the sensorProbe8 (AK-SP8) when it comes to IT monitoring invaluable service. This allows you to detect the failure of your ventilation or air conditioning in time.

Also act proactively, before your server / computer equipment are shipped disastrous events.

The sensorProbe8 gives is also a variant with dry contacts (Dry Contacts) sensorProbe8-X20 and sensorProbe8-X60 available.

Thus you can already integrate existing security technology such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, UPS systems, emergency power systems etc. reliably in the network-based 24x7 monitoring of sensorProbe8 (AK-SP8).

Integration of sensorProbe8 in Network Monitoring Software (NMS)

The AKCP sensorProbe8 (AK-SP8) is SNMP compatible and it support SNMPv1, so you can integrate sensorProbe8 with network monitoring solutions such as IBM Tivoli, Nagios, OpenNMS, HP OpenView, CA Unicenter TNG and WhatsUp Gold.

SNMP MIB files and utilities are included with sensorProbe8. Here we show you how to implement the sensorProbe8 under Nagios monitoring system.

Here we show you how to implement the sensorProbe8 under WhatsupGold.

Upon request Didactum® installs network monitoring solutions in U.K., Germany, Austria and Switzerland.