sensorProbe 8-X60 - 60 additional inputs

AKCP`s sensorProbe8-X60 is an extension of the sensorProbe8-X20. The sensorProbe8-X60 is rising slightly in operation. The sensorProbe8-X60 is an hardware-based monitoring solution. Any additional software or additional clients or monitoring agents are not needed.

AKCP sensorProbe8-X60

The AKCP sensorProbe8-X60 provides an integrated Linux based operating system, including WebServer, TCP/IP stack, email and SMS message types (Email to SMS gateway), and extensive SNMPv1 support.

  • 2U height, Rackmountkit included for server rack installation
  • No dependencies of the sensorProbe8-X60 of add. Software or Agents
  • 8 sensor ports for AKCP sensors

    Typical Applications of sensorProbe8-X60:

    • Remote monitoring of infrastructures (the server room, network room, equipment rooms)
    • Continuous monitoring of the physical security
    • Alarms when threats and disaster endanger the availability of your infrastructures

    Here you get the features include the sensorProbe8-X60 (AK-SP8-X60).

    Click on the image for a larger view of the connections to get the sensorProbe8-X60.    

    At the core of the SP8-X60 is the sensorProbe8, which is then married with the 60 dry contact system.

    This offers support for remote monitoring and management of various external devices. This integrated system enables connection and monitoring of devices like HVAC systems, Security Equipment, UPS, Generators, Industrial Equipment etc.

    Precise environmental remote-monitoring with SNMP-enabled sensors

    The X60-sensorProbe8 has in total 8 sensorPorts, where you can connect almost every sensor from AKCP`s intelligent sensors. So you could monitor critical environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, water, smoke and much more. Also an airFlow sensor is available to control your important ventilation systems. Power Monitor Sensors, sensor-controlled relays are also available.

    The connection of the sensors to the AKCP sensorProbe8-X60 (AK-SP8-X60) is very easy: thanks to AKCP`s AutoSense functionality, the intelligent sensor such as the SNMP-enabled sensor temperature is detected immediately and the sensorProbe8-X60 will start to monitor your critical rooms and infrastructures. You only have to enter the thresholds / warning values in the easy to use web interface of sensorProbe8-X60.

    Reliable notification at state changes in server room and data center You could define, how you want to be alerted of adverse loss events (eg, temperature rise, fire, flood, power failure, unauthorized access, etc.). Set in the sensorProbe8-X60`s web-interface, if you want an email-alert, SMS-alert (via email or SMS to SMS Gateway server) or an SNMP trap. So you are prepared against unforeseen events in your data center, server room, production area or warehouse. The integrated database of AKCP sensorProbe8-X60 (AK-SP8-X60) stores occurred, date and time included.

    Non Stop IT Monitoring

    If you like to monitor the temperature & humidity in your server room, our sensorProbe8-X60 is the right choice for you. You could act pro-actively - before the disaster strikes your server room and your business processes are affected.

    Would you like to be alerted when your data center / server room is trespass, just install the security-sensor or the motion sensor.

    Reliable alarm state changes in the server room

    You define how you (eg temperature rise, fire, flood, power failure, unauthorized access, etc.) want to be alerted when unwanted loss events. Set in the sensorProbe8-X60 if you want to receive an alert via email, SMS (via email to SMS Gateway or SMS server) or via SNMP trap.

    Already it to guard against unforeseen events in the data center, server room or warehouse. The integrated database of sensorProbe8-X60 (AK-SP8-X60) stores all the damage that has occurred events / events, including date and time.

    60 inputs for dry contacts

    The AKCP sensorProbe8-X60 (AK-SP8-X60) has additional 60 dry contact inputs for TCP/IP-based monitoring of contacts. You can connect power systems, UPS systems, air conditioners, ventilation systems, emergency generators, pumps, door contacts, etc. to sensorProbe8-X60 to be monitored non-stop.

    To protect your Server Didactum® recommends to protect the doors with the AKCP Security Sensors: When the cabinet door is opened by unauthorized access, the security personell will be uncompromisingly alarmed.

    Existing security infrastructure, such as sprinkler systems, CO2 fire extinguishing systems, door openers or glass break sensors could be successfully integrated into the remote security monitoring AKCP sensorProbe8-X60 appliance (2-pole dry contact signal contact connectors provided).


    Upgrade the physical security of sensitive server racks: The AKCP Security Sensor for Dry contact connection is mounted at front door and back door of a rack to protect against unauthorized access. The AKCP Security Sensor for Dry Contact Connector (AK-SSDC) is attached via 2-pin cable to dry contact inputs of the AKCP sensorProbe8-X60.

    A montage of several AKCP security sensors in series is also possible and provides reliable protection to a great number of server racks. Ideal for data center. The team of Didactum® recommends also to protect the side walls of a server rack with this sensors. If an unauthorized person wants to open door, it is alarmed.

    Centralized Management

    The sample manager of AKCP is included with all sensor and securityProbe IP Alarm Server.

    Using the sample manager of AKCP you can all in your company sensorProbe2, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe remote monitoring appliances centrally manage. The new securityProbe-5E monitoring hardware is also supported.

    Potential free contacts

    Picture of the pluggable screw terminal for connection of floating contacts / alarm detector. Monitoring can be malfunction signals of UPS systems, air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems, gas control stations, power plants, water supply systems, transport technology as well as security and building as access control systems, magnetic contacts, glass break sensors, panic alarm, bolt switch contacts, etc.

    The competent team of Didactum® is to help you clarify technical questions of detail can assist.

    AKCP sensorProbe8-X60


    The AKCP sensorProbe8-X60 monitoring device provides 8 intelligent sensor ports combined with 60 dry contact inputs in a 2U rack mount enclosure. At the core of the SP8–X60 is the sensorProbe8, which is then married with the 60 dry contact system.


    from 1250,00 Euro*


    SNMP integration of sensorProbe8-X60 into network monitoring

    The monitoring specialist Didactum® recommends the use of sensorProbe8-X60 IP alarm server for remote monitoring of the infrastructure of telecommunications providers. On request Didactum® intgrates on-site your AKCP monitoring solution across Europe.

    The sensorProbe8-X60 (AK-SP8-X60) is compatible with SNMP v1. A reliable integration into network management systems (NMS) such as MRTG, Nagios, HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold is available with the sensorProbe8-X60.

    Needed MIB files and SNMP tools are included.