AKCess Pro sensorProbe2

The sensorProbe2 is the entry model of the web-based sensorprobe and securityProbe alarm server of our partner AKCP.

sensorProbe2 - Network monitoring

The sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) is the entry model of the web-based sensorprobe and securityProbe alarm server of our partner AKCP. Easy to install and ready for monitoring within few minutes. AKCP`s sensorProbe2 is a stand-alone monitoring solution - you do not need any additional software. The sensorProbe2 has a Linux based OS including TCP / IP stack, web interface, email and SMS functionalities (via e-mail to SMS gateway) and SNMP support such as SNMP-Traps and SNMP-polling.


Typical Applications of sensorProbe2:

  • Remote monitoring of infrastructures (the server room, network room, equipment rooms)
  • Continuous monitoring of the physical security
  • Alarms when threats and disaster endanger the availability of your infrastructures

Here you get the features include the sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2). Click on the image for a larger view of the connections to get the sensorProbe2.

The AKCP monitoring products are IP-based and can be used in the company's network anywhere. In the Web GUI sensorProbe2 you can define alarm types such as e-mail alarm, SNMP trap or SMS alert (via SMS gateway). The sensorProbe2 is the ideal entry model for your server room protection.

Connection of intelligent sensors for monitoring 24x7x365

The sensorProbe2 has 2 sensor ports to which you can connect sensors from AKCP. So you can capture important environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke, exercise and much more reliable. Using the Auto Sense feature, the connected environmental sensor is immediately identified by the sensorProbe2 and the monitoring starts.

Intelligent sensors for 7x24 monitoring of sensitive areas

The sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) has 2 RJ-45 sensorPorts, where you can attach AKCP`s intelligent sensors. AKCP`s sensors allow you to detect critical environmental conditions such as rising temperature, humidity, water leakage, fire and much more.

The connection of SNMP-enabled sensors to sensorProbe2 is very simple: Thanks to it`s AutoSense-feature, the connected AKCP sensors are immediately identified by sensorProbe2 and the monitoring starts. You only have enter the warning and thresholds in sensorProbe`s easy to use web interface. Here you see further features of the sensorProbe2.

Immediate notification if your server-room is in critical conditions

The sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) is able to alert you with eMail notification (up to 6 different eMail recipients), with SMS-alarm (eMail to SMS gateway needed) or with SNMP traps (up to 2 different destinations preserved). Safeguard your critical infrastructures, assets and investments from external disaster before it happens.

Monitoring / Security monitoring

Here's an excerpt of the possible sensor combinations of sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2).

Up to 2 intelligent sensors could be attached to sensorProbe2. Upon request, AKCP`s sensors could interact: For example, the motion detector could trigger the attached siren.

If you choose the dualSensor temperature & humidity, the number of monitored environmental parameters will be increased.

The team of Didactum® recommends the installation of smoke detectors in server- rooms.

Continuous monitoring of critical security infrastructure

Continuous monitoring of critical security infrastructure could be so easy: Attach the extendable SNMP-enabled dualSensor to sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2).

Now you have to set the thresholds via it`s web interface and just decide whether you want to be alarmed via eMail, SMS or SNMP Traps.

Rack Monitoring solution / temperature monitoring

The AKCP sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) as the ideal rack-monitoring solution. Thanks to its compact design, the sensor 2 from the sample install AKCP almost everywhere. The sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) is also suitable for the continuous remote monitoring of remote locations / branches. For the monitoring of facilities with potential connections / dry contact, such as UPS, air conditioning or emergency generator, which recommends Didactum ® AKCP sensorProbe2DC.

Do you know the current temperature in the server room?


AKCP probeManager

AKCP`s probeManager allows a convenient, centralized management of all installed sensorProbe and securityProbe remote monitoring devices.


The firmware of AKCP sensorProbe 2 (AK-SP2) is updatable. Under the AKCP Lifetime Support you get so new features such as Keep Alive email. Didactum® regularly informed about AKCP firmware upgrades / microcode updates.

For instructions on how to update the AKCP sensorProbe2 firmware can be found in our AKCP FAQs.

AKCP sensorProbe2


The AKCP sensorProbe2 monitoring system is a compact, yet versatile, 2 port sensor device. Ideal for monitoring environmental variations, power, physical threats and security. An embedded Linux like operating system and TCP/IP stack makes the unit platform independent and accessible via a LAN or WAN. Full SNMP compliance and the supplied MIB gives easy integration with network management software.


from 237,00 Euro*


Monitoring System 100 III - buy now


The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.


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Independent temperature control

To monitor real time temperature conditions in your server room, AKCP`s sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) gives you a valuable service. You could act pro-actively - before temperature rises too high.

If you want to be notified as soon as your server-room is entered, simply attach a security-sensor or a motion detector.

By the use of AKCP`s dualSensor temperature and humidity, you can connect up to 4 sensors to sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2).

Plan your individual early warning system for the reliable monitoring of your server room / network room / facility / warehouse.

Integration of sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) in the Network Monitoring Systems

AKCP`s sensorProbe2 (AK-SP2) is fully compatible with SNMP v1 and could be SNMP-configured. So you can integrate sensorProbe2 with leading Network Management Systems (NMS) such as NAGIOS, HP OpenView, CA Unicenter TNG, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold and many more.


Needed SNMP MIB-files and SNMP-tools are included.