sensorProbe2 DC - IP-based dry contact monitoring

     AKCP`s sensorprobe2 DC (AK SP2DC) is based on the sensorProbe2-technology and provides a cost effective solution for dry contact monitoring.

sensorProbe2 DC - IP-based dry contact monitoring

The sensorProbe2DC (AK SP2DC) is a stand-alone product - you need no additional software or hardware to install.

With the sensorProbe2-DC you can monitor business-critical infrastructure including UPS, air conditioners, emergency generators, pumps and much more.

Monitoring of up to 10 dry contact

With the sensorProbe2 DC Simply attach AKCP`s 5 Input Dry Contact Cable to the sensorProbe2DC (AK-SP2DC). By connecting an additional 5 Input Dry Contact Cable, you can even monitor up to 10 dry contact inputs with a single sensorProbe2DC.

Please note that the sensorProbe2 DC (AK-SP2DC) can only monitor input signals in connection with the 5 Input Dry Contact Cable.

Alerting types

Here you can see an extract of possible combinations of sensor AKCP sensorProbe2 DC. Up to 2 intelligent sensors can be connected to the sensorProbe2 DC.

The sensors may, at the request and in interaction: For example, the motion detector or the water sensor to trigger the alarm siren.

Should the AKCP Dual Connect sensor temperature and humidity, the number of environmental parameters to be monitored can be increased.

Didactum® recommends that smoke detectors for fire safety in the server room.

Dry Contacts

Up to 10 dry contacts can be monitored with single AKCP sensorProbe2DC (AK-SP2DC).

You will get alarm via email or SMS (Email to SMS gateway) or via SNMP trap directly to you NMS-System.

Rack Monitoring

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the AKCP sensorProbe2DC the ideal solution for server cabinet monitoring and UPS monitoring.

Monitor UPS systems and voltage conditions in remote offices with the sensorProbe2DC (SP2DC).

AKCP probeManager

Centralized management of your sensorProbe2DC remote monitoring solution with the probeManager.

Get access to all network located sensorProbe and securityProbe IT security products.

Ideal for remote-monitoring of distributed infrastructures.


The microcode firmware of AKCP sensorProbe2DC is upgradable.

You find the instructions for updating the sensorProbe2 microcode firmware in our FAQ.

AKCP sensorProbe2 DC


The AKCP sensorProbe 2 is a compact, yet versatile, 2 port sensor device. Ideal for monitoring environmental variations, power, physical threats and security. An embedded Linux like operating system and TCP/IP stack makes the unit platform independent and accessible via a LAN or WAN. Full SNMP compliance and the supplied MIB gives easy integration with network management software. 


from 337,00 Euro*


Implementation of AKCP SP2 DC in network monitoring systems / NMS

The sensorProbe2DC (AK-SP2DC) is compatible with SNMP v1 and could be SNMP-configured.

So you can integrate AKCP sensorProbe 2DC in network management systems (NMS) such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold.

The NMS MIB files and SNMP tools are included. So you can integrate dry contacts in NMS solutions such as Nagios.