AKCP securityProbe 5ESV-X60

Monitor the physical environment and receive alerts of any disturbances, such as unauthorized intruders, security breaches, high temperatures, smoke, water leakages, power outages and more.

The only monitoring system you'll ever need...

Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution for up to 500 connected sensors.

The securityProbe5ESV-X60 combines all the advantages of the securityProbe 5ESV but with an additional 60x 2 Wire dry contact inputs. Built into a 1U rack mount box. The securityProbe 5ESV has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU. An additional 2 Gigabytes SD card can be installed to provide greater storage capacity.

Autonomous operation and integration in management software

The new securityProbeESV-X60 monitoring system of our partner AKCess Pro is hardware-based - more software in the form of agents or clients is not required. An additional PC or server is also not required to operate the SNMP compatible measuring and monitoring apparatus. Ideal for customers with different operating system platforms (Linux / UNIX / SUN / Windows / Mac OS, etc.).

All settings of securityProbeESV-X60 are made via an Internet browser. Via network or the Internet, you can easily lock onto the securityProbeESV-X60 infrastructure Monitor and get an idea of ​​the exact status of your reserve rooms, production or warehouse.

A 24/7 monitoring distributed enterprise locations is no problem with the securityProbeESV-X60 IT monitoring appliance. Since the securityProbeESV-X60 Rack Monitoring System supports SNMP protocols v1 / v2c / v3, integration into network monitoring software or network monitoring systems is possible.

The new securityProbeESV-X60 IT Monitor provides a fully integrated Linux OS including Apache Web server and PHP, Perl or bash support. Take advantage of the functionalities of the script securityProbeESV-X60 monitoring system to integrate their own specific queries (CPU load, memory information, etc.).

Sensor monitoring of critical infrastructure through a network or Web

The basic model of the new securityProbe5ESV-X60 monitoring system has 8 RJ45 connectors for mounting associated IP sensors. True to the modular principle, you can assemble your monitor with individually selectable sensors. Thus, the securityProbe 5ESV-X60 Rack Monitoring System has grown many monitoring tasks and quasi applicable across sectors.

Monitor, among other things with the sustainable securityProbe 5ESV-X60 IT Monitoring System:

  • Data center / server room / network space
  • Energieverorgungs- / telecommunications system
  • Production space
  • Warehouse / logisitics
  • Offices / Archive

Didactum provides for TCP / IP-based securityProbe monitoring systems, among other things Temperature sensors, combined temperature / humidity sensors, water sensors, water reporting chains, smoke sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and sensors for the network-based monitoring and measurement of current.

An up to 300 meters per deductible Cat network cable from the securityProbe 5ESV-X60 dual temperature and humidity sensor is compatible already supplied with the SNMP securityProbe 5ESV-X60 Measuring and monitoring system included.

This combination sensor has been calibrated at the factory according to ISO standard, so you can start with the infrastructure monitoring immediately. Simply known from network technology RJ45 connector of the IP sensor into a free RJ-45 port of the sensor securityProbe 5ESV-X60 and ready. The corresponding sample security sensor is automatically identified and listed in the web interface, where you can set individual thresholds and warning values ​​according to your specifications by Auto Sense technology.

Typical applications for the offered Didactum IP sensors include:

  • Temperature Monitoring Servers / Rack Monitoring
  • Monitoring of air conditioning technology as Disruption of air conditioning
  • Monitoring the current supply
  • Measurement of power consumption
  • Monitoring of cooling
  • Early detection of water leakage
  • Integration of potential-free switching contacts in the network monitoring

Networked Monitoring

It is TCP / IP compliant and runs lighttpd web server including https (SSL), Bash, Perl, Telnet, PHP, Email and Nagios. The securityProbe 5ESV-X60 has an easy-to-use web-based user interface for sensor configuration, data collection and extensive graphing. Complete SNMP functions such including SNMP v3 encryption are supported.

The securityProbe 5ESV-X60 also supports Modbus Master / Slave, Modbus RTU and Modbus over TCP / IP creating a unique, easy to configure Modbus to SNMP gateway. The web-based interface is written in PHP allowing end-user changes such as language translation. The securityProbe 5ESV has a battery backed time of day clock for accurate record keeping.

securityProbe 5ESV-X60's OnBoard Architecture

Up to 8 of AKCess Pro's Intelligent Sensors can be connected to the securityProbe 5ESV-X60. When plugged in, sensors automatically configure themselves and go 'online'.

Using the either the E-sensor8, or the E-opto16 expansion modules, up to 500 sensors can be connected to a single unit.

Our easy-to-use port numbering system allows you to setup the securityProbe 5ESV-X60 within minutes.

  • AKCP iMX25 CPU
  • 128 MB OnBoard NAND Flash
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port
  • 1x USB 2.0 Modem Port
  • 4x USB 2.0 MJPEG Video Ports
  • RS485 Ports
  • Internal Audio Speaker
  • Internal Microphone
  • 8 Full AutoSense RJ-45 Ports (Maximum of 500 Sensors)
  • 60x Dry Contact Inputs
  • RJ-45 Expansion Ports

Connect up to 4 External USB Digital Cameras

The securityProbe 5ESV-X60 can display pictures from a maximum of four USB Digital Cameras simultaneously in several sizes, up to 640x480 pixels resolution. AKCess Pro cameras are used in professional surveillance and CCTV monitoring systems.

A built-in pan-tilt controller interface allows complete control of pan and tilt cameras using the industry standard Pelco D bus.

USB Connectivity

Whether you are connecting the USB Digital Camera to a securityProbe 5ESV or a AKCess Pro Door Control Unit. The connection type and port number is Universal.

Four USB 2.0 ports on the rear of each unit are assigned to USB Digital Camera connectivity.

Sensor Graphing

The securityProbe 5ESV-X60 integrates and displays graphs of all sensor data in its web-based user interface. The individual graph (day, week, month and year) for each sensor type can be customized, simply by modifying the script template used to generate a particular graph.

RRD tool is used to build an embedded database of sensor data. This data can be accessed from the web interface, or downloaded to a remote PC. MRTG can be used to generate real-time graphs of sensor data on a remote website.

Real-time display of the infrastructure in the card module

The integrated mapping module represents a highlight of netzwerkgestützen securityProbe 5ESV-X60 monitoring system. Tie the floor plan of the monitored locations / buildings simply the exact postion of the installed IP sensors and video cameras a. Already you get a real-time view of the current security state of your buildings and premises. To be able to act even faster as you get shown the source of the alarm in the alarm card flashing.


Temperature alarm in the equipment room on the ground floor of the annex.

A simple mouse click in the securityProbe alarm card has enough money and find out the current temperature status and the exact position of the installed temperature sensor. Of course you can turn on the installed surveillance cameras within the mapping module. The representation of the mapping module via big screen is possible - ideal for monitoring centers / control rooms.

Monitor critical hardware and applications

Using other 80 virtual sensors can be integrated major server hardware, network switches, or even important applications in the security architecture of the 24/7/365 securityProbe5ESV-X60 Remote Monitoring Systems. Also scripts and actions can be performed in the virtual sensors securityProbe5ESV-X60.

Ideal Hardware Monitoring SNMP tools and NMS

The offered by Didactum securityProbe5ESV-X60 IT monitoring hardware is SNMP v1, SNMPv2c and SNMP v3 compatible and is fully configurable via SNMP. The securityProbe5ESV-X60 can including the connected IP sensors are integrated with SNMP tools and network monitoring software.

So these IT supported monitoring appliance network monitoring software, such as CA Spectrum, CA TNG Unicenter, HP SIM, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Intellipool, OpenNMS or WhatsUp Gold. The open source Nagios monitoring system is preinstalled on this IT Monitoring Appliance.

Highly recommended also the innovative AKCess Pro Server Suite which infrastructure monitoring, video management and access control is combined into a single software solution. Ask the team of Didactum for a free 30 day trial of AKCess Pro Server.


Under the AKCP Lifetime Support the firmware of the sensorProbe / securityProbe will be updated regularly. The team of Didactum® regularly informed about AKCP microcode updates.

For instructions on how to update the AKCP sensorProbe / securityProbe firmware can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions for AKCP products.

AKCP securityProbe 5ESV-X60


he securityProbe 5ESV-X60 has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU. An additional 2 Gigabytes SD card can be installed to provide greater storage capacity. It is TCP / IP compliant and runs lighttpd web server including https (SSL), Bash, Perl, Telnet, PHP, Email and Nagios.


from 1895,00 Euro*



  • Embedded web server displays sensor information and live video from connected cameras.
  • Control PTDZ cameras directly from the web interface.
  • Record digital video to remote servers or internal memory, or send live images to your own website.
  • Connect up to 4 USB Digital Cameras, and simultaneously display images up to 640x480 resolution.
  • Receive notifications of anomalous events via email, SMS / MMS, SNMP traps, and many more.
  • Integrates with network management systems via SNMPv1 and Encrypted SNMPv3.
  • Stream video and sensor information directly to your cellphone or PDA.
  • Ability to connect external GPRS / GSM modem, Bluetooth and WiFi USB adapters.
  • Uses Linux operating system for maximum stability and flexibility.
  • Virtual Sensors monitor power, Modbus, network devices, and other SNMP based equipment.
  • Built-in graphing and data logging, internally or to a remote PC. Platform independent; free firmware upgrades and utilities from AKCess Pro.
  • Monitor up to 500 intelligent sensors using expansion modules ( E-Opto 16 and E-Sensor 8 )
  • Compatible with complete range of AKCess Pro Intelligent Sensors
  • Full Modbus support: Modbus Master / Slave, Modbus RTU, Modbus over TCP / IP